Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mama's Here, Bubbalu, Mama's Here...

Motherhood never ceases to amaze me.

Since having children my sleep patterns have changed and quirks have developed. I sleep through my alarm and can snooze it once (okay, three) times while still asleep. However, when Bubbalu woke up crying at 4:20 this morning I was able to hear him through three walls and over my ceiling fan noise.

I just sat up in bed and said, "he's crying". Lance said, "mmmph". Which loosely translated means, "What ARE you talking about? Do you realize it's 4:20 in the morning and would you please stop talking to me?".

I rushed into his room, picked him up and snuggled him while he sobbed and sobbed. I repeated"Mama's here, Bubba, Mama's here" over and over while rocking him back and forth. NO idea what was going on. He never tells me. Bubbalu was soon ready to lay down and went back to sleep. Me? It took a short while in 47 minutes.

Which might explain my inability to fully wake up this morning. Coffee here we come.

Motherhood never ceases to amaze me. I love being able to be his safe place. His constant. His provider.

His Mommy.



  1. I couldn't agree often are WE the sources of total comfort & peace? Pretty awesome feeling to the pit of your heart...

  2. I could totally relate to EVERYTHING about that story...thanks for sharing! :)



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