Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maternity Shirt Renovation...


You know what? Maternity shirts can be VERY cute.

Also? Maternity shirts can be VERY flattering.

However? Maternity shirts worn when 8 months (gah!) postpartum may still be VERY cute...but are VERY unflattering.

So today I started cutting them up.

And cut some more.

And sewed a bit.

And embellished a bit.

And am very happy with the result.

Meet Mrs. Blah Yellow Maternity shirt:

I got sick of her making me look all poochy and pregnant...you know, since I'm NOT PREGNANT anymore...so I cut her arms off and pinned her sides smaller to match a shirt that currently fits me:

After sewing up the side seams I had all these extra pieces:

So I trimmed off the old side seam and was left with these randomly shaped pieces. I basted right down the middle, grabbed hold of one thread and cinchced it til it got all nice and bunchy:

Sorry, no bunchy pictures. I was too excited to finish my project to stop and take another picture. That, and I was talking to my sister on the phone while sewing, as well as yelling at Bubbalu to stop trying to make his sister topple over. I'm a multi-tasker but I do have my limits.

Anyways, I had three bunchy strips which I pinned to the front and sewed down. I'm very happy with the final result.

Meet Miss Sassy Yellow Bunchy Tank:

Not too shabby for an afternoon (less than an hour, really!) spent with my scissors, sewing machine, diet coke and a wildly insatiable need to craft something:



  1. ok, seriously, could you be any cuter?? if only i was half as crafty as you. i just barley made it out of high school home-ec class with a c and that was ONLY because i got lucky and the teacher, admittedly, liked me. just a few months back, sam set his shirt on the counter and says,"this needs to go to grandmas. the button came off". HONESTLY, i DO BUTTONS! granted, it took me 2 hours to thread the blasted needle! we can't all be gifted in the same areas, right?? :)
    i'm jealous, that shirt is darn cute and the yellow makes me smile.
    way to go Vintage Dutch Girl!! :)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shirt! Can I send my old maternity shirts you way? I'd love to have a few that look like that! Adorable!

  3. Please move in with me and fix everything in my closet. I will bake you something chocolate everyday in exchange :)

  4. Nice!

    You need a side-by-side before and after shot!

  5. Very cute! Great job. I need my clothes to go the other way, any advice for turning your regular clothes into maternity clothes?:)

  6. Wow! You're good! Looks VERY cute!!

  7. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!? Seriously, I have been staring at all of my maternity clothes, knowing I am not having any more, but realizing they are the newest clothes I own and so not wanting to give them up. WooHoo! The sewing machine is coming out this weekend!

  8. You're fabulous!?!?!

    So.... want to come and do my closet?

  9. Very cute, uber impressed! :) I take it this means you are done with the baby making since your choppin' at your maternity clothes?!?! ;) Well, maybe not I guess.

  10. Nicely done! Love the finished product! Makes me wonder if I should take one more look at those clothes packed up to go to Goodwill.

  11. i love this! you inspire me so much! :)

  12. So very J Crew...only much less expensive (FREE!). LOVE IT!!

  13. That is cute! I love the ruffle neckline!

  14. WOW! You ROCK! And you look FAB. You've given me hope to revamp a mat. shirt that I kept, er, at least I hope I kept it, lol!

  15. what a fabulous makeover!!! Rachaelxo

  16. Hey, you've done a wonderful job - so wearable now...and congratulations to you for getting your figure back too!

  17. That shirt looks very cute now! No one will mistake you for a pregnant lady in this!
    Job well done.

  18. Perfect! Well done!

    And to think I BURNED all of my maternity wear ... darn it!


  19. I love hwat you did, those ruffles are fab! Now how on earth do you have your figure back so soon?!!! Wonderful!!!
    Thanks for joining in the revamp it party!

  20. Those ruffles and that color! You worked magic! Blessings and light.

  21. what a super cute makeover/revamp...i love the little ruffles you made at the top!!!

  22. What a wonderful job you did, I love it! And such a great way to reclaim those expensive maternity tops - beautiful!


  23. You did a swell job! I love the ruffles. Here in the Netherlands I like to buy my t shirts at Cora Kemperman, she works a lot with ruffles too, I haven't checked whether her recent collection has, but you might think it's fun anyway, because your t-shirt reminds me of her style. www.corakemperman.nl/
    Nice to meet you by the way, that is what I like about blog parties. You are American callling yourself Dutch Girl? Mmm curiosity is my middle name!
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing!
    You look awesome in you new ruffled tee!


  25. Love the ruffels on the front. it changes the look completely!

  26. So cute! I wish I had saved my maternity shirts I just donated to charity last week!

  27. That's an incredible transformation! Your top looks amazing! I can't believe it only took you about an hour to do - so worth it, when you're that talented and skilled!

  28. looks fab and it fits u so well!

  29. Fantastic revamp! You and your top look amazing post baby! Have a great week.

  30. What a GREAT idea! It turned out fantastic!


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