Thursday, August 20, 2009

Revamp Is Necessary...

I really REALLY really need to revamp this:

...into something stylistically appropriate.

AKA: Make it cute.

Stay tuned for makeover.

And by 'stay tuned' I do NOT mean later today...or this week. Let's just throw it out there that it may not happen this month. If it happens this year I'll be quite satisfied.

And by posting this it serves not only as a a reminder but a promise. A promise to you that I will EVENTUALLY revamp it.

Ideas, suggestions, advice?


1 comment :

  1. Well you just need to recover it:) You could paint it but then it wouldn't match your piano (I don't know if your into the mismatchy thing or not) Find a cute fabric that matches what you have in your room (maybe something like that cute chair you've been coveting:)or maybe you could cut up an old maternity shirt for it!!:)


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