Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wall Organizer With A Pinch Of Sassification...

I bought this...uh...functional wall organizer in an effort to help my husband and I (read: ME) become more organized and enhance mail communication.

It has sat in the fish-tank room for just over a year now. (Yes, we have a room in our house whose sole purpose is to access the fish tank...and apparently to house forgotten functional wall organizers.)


Bubbalu found it, forgotten and neglected, a few weeks ago and kindly Bubbalized it for me:

Meaning he scribbled all over the thing with the dry erase marker.

Did you know dry erase markers don't erase from cork board?

Didjya know dry erase markers don't erase from the fabricy middle thingy that I'm not sure what it's called?

And ALSO, did you know dry erase markers don't erase if they are left on the dry erase board for oh...365+ days?

Who knew?

Well, I do NOW, obviously.

So, I found it hiding in the lovely smelling fish-tank room and decided it needed a revamp. A little sassification, if you will.


Prime and spray paint frame.

Recover cork board, fabricy middle thingy that I'm not sure what it's called and dry erase board...which also happens to be magnetic. Handy!

Put it all back together again and marvel at all the sassification going on:

Now I have a handy dandy sassified wall organizer for my craft room to help me, I GUESS, organize my ideas a bit. I have occasionally been known to be slightly scatterbrained...hopefully this will help.

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  1. this turned out so pretty!!!

    I host a Goodwill party every Wednesday, stop by & link up your finds!

  2. Very cute! When I first started reading I thought you were just telling the story and I was thinking, "Oh Amanda, you could totally do something Sassy with that!" And TADA!!! You did! :) Liking it!

  3. That looks great, and I love the fabrics you used!

  4. I love the sassification. It looks so chic now! Way to go girl!!

  5. since the green section needs more pictures, i'll get one of ME to YOU to hang on there. then it would be darn near perfect! :)
    darling project!!!

    speaking of projects.
    i bought a shirt today from the consignment store. it needs you. i'll pick your brain on this later. :)

  6. It looks great! I love the fabric you chose.

  7. So can I ask where you bought it originally? I was looking on-line for something like this today. The PB ones are awesome - but unfortunately won't fit in the space I need it for.


  8. It's lovely. :) Love the pattern/color you chose! Stopping by from Kimba's party. :)

  9. Looks like that dry erase was a blessing in disguise - it looks 1,000 better now!
    Linking from Kimbas.

  10. Well, the original destruction was a blessing in disguise! What you did with it is AMAZING! Love, love, love it. Thanks so much for sharing ... AND I love your fabric choices! They really make the piece.

  11. That looks fabulous! I must confess, I have something like that too. I think it still has a to do list for our wedding - almost 3 years ago! I think I should break her out and put her to good use again. I don't think my dry erase part is magnetic though... but I do have magnet paint in my basement ::gears turn:: hmmmm.... :)

  12. You have me reconsidering our "framed" organizers... which I'm not exactly using anyway. :) Maybe I'll bust out the spray paint today.

  13. I LOVE it!
    I really like your choice of colors too.


  14. That is awesome and gorgeous!!
    And you are rockin thos maternity and undershirts! Love them!!!

  15. I love it! That green fabric is cute!


  16. Wow! love the patterns you chose! So cute!

  17. Ok so, how many rooms do you have in your house? I was already jealous of your craft room, but a fish tank room? That's takin' it a little too far:)Cute redo BTW, and what is a goodwill party? I must know this, it's sounds VERY fun:)

  18. That is awesome! You rock. I'm bookmarking this post, b/c I know I'm going to totally feel this creative later. :)

  19. I love this idea and the way it turned out. Great job!
    pk @ room remix

  20. I'm loving your fabric choices!

  21. OMG how fabulous are you ? How brilliant to use different fabrics ! Way to mix it up, I'm inspired !



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