Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apples And A Chick...

Thanks to my parents and their overproducing trees I have a few apples to create yummy things with.

Mommy, can I eat this one? I think it likes me.

A few, meaning this bucket is about 10% of the total amount of apples currently in my garage. Lil Chick was busy helping me take care of the abundance. She's been kneeling like this for a few weeks now. Seeing her little toes peeking out of her leggings always makes me smile.

Uh Mommy, I see a fruit fly metropolis. It's starting to worry me.

I tell ya, I'd better get peeling, coring and a' cookin some applesauce.

My two new motto's:
  1. Sand, Prime and Spray Paint
  2. Peel & core, cook and freeze.
Or maybe,
  1. Annoy Husband by Taking Up His Side of Garage With Projects
  2. Start A Fruit Fly Infestation Worthy Of Notoriety
You choose. Either way, they're all true!

By the way, to make applesauce:

Peel, core and slice many many many apples.

Cook over med heat with about an 1/8th cup of water. Stir frequently. Soon (20 - 30 minutes) it all turns to yummy mush and smells divine.

That's IT!

OK OK OK, you can add cinnamon and sugar, but I prefer it plain. Freeze in Dutch Tupperware (large yogurt, sour cream and frozen whipped cream containers) to use throughout the year.


Happy October, y'all...



  1. Or you could add a cup of water boil on medium high heat for about 5 minutes or until fork tender and then run them through the food processor. This is definately my method of choice.

  2. Mmmmm, yum! I love apples, and homemade applesauce sounds divine :)

  3. LOVE those chubby little legs in legwarmers. I just got J. two pairs off Etsy last week for his birthday and I'm hovering by the mailbox ;)

    I'm not Dutch (for which I'm not the least bit sorry) but am married to one. But he'll tell you I "act" more Dutch than him because like you I've used Dutch Tupperware for years...
    A ~ always great posts, and always good for a wonderful laugh =)

  5. I have an even easier way to make it. Bring clean and empty canning jars to dear ol' mom and she fills them and cans it all for you :) She offered so I couldn't pass that up :)

  6. One of the trees in our backyard isn't faring to well, so Dan thinks he's going to dig it up. I told him we should plant an apple tree in it's place. Nothing like apple pie and applesauce made from apples you picked yourself!

  7. The girls have been nagging me to make applesauce this week because of the Sid the Science Kid episodes. Thanks for adding another vote to their side, A.

    I'll take Lil Chick over applesauce and fruit flies any day.


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