Monday, October 19, 2009

Health Has Returned From Its Vacation...

I was able to give Lil Chick her very last dose of antibiotics this morning and dump the rest down the kitchen sink.

(insert sigh of relief)

Guess what? Her eyes aren't red rimmed and glassy. Her little body is no longer a fever factory. If her appetite is any indication of health, she is H.E.A.L.T.H.Y.

Bubbalu is better as well! I know this because he is being his normal stubborn ornery self.

Last night he said to his dear sweet Auntie Joanie, "You shut your mouth Joanie!"

Of COURSE he was punished. But the little stinker would NOT apologize. More punishment. He still would not apologize. After about a ten minute long time out period he sauntered over to me, his Grandma, and Auntie Joanie and started quietly chanting, "you shut your mouth, you shut your mouth, you shut your mouth" and slowly increasing in decibels until I could hear him.

Yep, he is ALLLLLL better now!


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  1. They have a way of testing patience don't they!! WE have all been there!! I like to refer to these moments as rock know cause you want to crawl under one:)

  2. Oh man! The terrible almost three year old stubborness has struck your house too! Friday I was ready to kick booty and take names. It was a VERY long day. Thank goodness there are good days too!

  3. :-D My sweet Monkey2 once totally traumatized my sister, who cried on my mother's shoulder saying "I can't believe she'd rather have THREE SPANKINGS than apologize to me!" It was a traumatic experience all around.


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