Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi Mr. Gym, It's Nice To Be Back...

Oh, hi underused, unappreciated Mr. Gym, it feels SO SO SO good to be back!

Whatddya mean? You don't REMEMBER ME?

Yes, I have a current membership. Really, I do! I workout here all. the. time. Can't you tell by looking at my fabulous bod?

Oh just shut up.

OK, well, I did before the kids got sick. And before I got sick before that...and before my husband was sick before that...

OK, Mr. Gym, maybe you have a point.

But hey, I'm here now, let's just move on.

Whatddya mean my workout ensemble doesn't match? So what? I'm just thrilled that my socks match. So what if I had to take a shower BEFORE working out to shave my legs!? At least I was being considerate.

Mr. Gym, you had better not snicker at me behind my back(side) next time I walk in your front doors.

I'll get you back.

Maybe I won't wipe down the weight machines after using them.

Maybe I'll wear stilettos and run a 5k on your precious treadmill.

Maybe I'll sing my playlist out loud for you to enjoy while I work out.

Either way, I'll get you back.

YES, there will be a next time!




  1. oh man, I'm totally missing our gym. even just for the fact that I could take a shower BY MYSELF. I am most definitely in a no gym season right now. Congrats on getting back!

  2. Hey, suddenly your feed in my reader switched to partial. I am just too lazy to click over most days so can you change it back so I can read you again. You might even inspire me to be crafty :)

  3. I've been having the same conversation this past week with my aerobic step, which has been hiding in the recesses of the basement since May. My muscles are also chiming in today -- and they're on the step's side, not mine! Best wishes with getting reacquainted with the gym!

  4. I've been reading your blog since 2007. Love your blog, your inspiration. I have to confess I got a sewing machine when I got married back in 1994....I just opened the box and took it out this year! Why? Because of how easy you make it all look. I've made some small cat nip pillows...wanted to do something that would require my 9 year old son to help me with!

  5. A, don't even get me started with the gym. I went ONCE since the new school year started...a loud "SHEESH" from me too.


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