Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project FAIL...

Project FAIL.

Most of my latest projects have FAILED. Either a project doesn't turn out the way I envisioned, I cut wrong (ARGH!!!) or it has irked me to the point that I ignore it and hope it miraculously gets completed without my assistance.

Hence the reason for lack of project posting the past few weeks.

It is so frustrating when I use up precious project/crafting time, which is painstakingly carved into the daily list of needed activities (such as FEEDING MY CHILDREN), and a project fails.

My Latest FAIL:

Problem: Two gorgeous chair revamps that have gone horribly wrong during the painting process. At this point I am considering changing from my original thought of 'sleek and classic black paint job' to 'distressed on purpose'. It's the only way to salvage them...unless I start over with sanding, cleaning, drying, priming and repainting. I'm WAY too impatient and lazy to restart BOTH of them.

Verdict: Distressed they will be to prevent more distressing of ME...



  1. I had some cinnamon rolls totally flop the other day and boy was I bummed. So i know how you feel. Its hard when you spend your "free time" on something and it doesn't work. Try the distressed look that is usually great:)

  2. Nice to know I'm not alone. No one talks about projects gone wrong!! Well, you can't win them all.

  3. I have projects go wrong all the time!
    sandy toe

  4. You and me both, girl. I just posted today about the frustration when stuff doesn't go as planned. I've got four ladder back chairs with 4 coats of paint and STILL they look ridiculous. *sigh*

    Hope tomorrow is better for both of us...and yes, distressed furniture is the way to go :o)

  5. Bummer! They had such potential! I'm sure you'll still make them look awesome in the end though.

  6. Ugh, that's the worst. I can totally relate to the precious, precious {oh so precious} spare time spent on something that ends up going awry. When you're only alotted 6.2 minutes of time to yourself daily {around midnight-ish}, that can about do ya in! :)

  7. Well I totally flopped Chandler's birthday cake. Sorry bout the chairs. I'd be too lazy and impatient to do them over too.

  8. Most of my painting furniture jobs end up "distressed on purpose!"

  9. Welcome to my world girly! With a half-a$$ed sewing machine my projects rarely get completed in one sitting.

    ****PS****Hmmm...Skyler's blowing bubbles in his crib instead of napping like he is suppossed to be doing. Just thought you would like to know! ;)


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