Monday, October 12, 2009

Snot and Spray Paint...

Did you know you can spray paint glass?

Neither did I.

Take two large, have sat in a closet for 9 years because they were used at my wedding, glass vases (URNS really) :

(Whoa, whoa, we're tilting, we're tilting!!!)

And spray paint the snot out of them:

(we're still feeling a bit off kilter!!!)

Ok, there really wasn't ACTUAL SNOT in, on, or around them, but we are a living in snot-land and I feel the need to interject that word as much as I can.

Don't they look MUCH better painted? It took quite a few coats to get every ridge and crease covered...that and the wind blew away 67.4% of my spray paint. Now the neighbors' house has a lovely shade of dark leather brown on one side to match the changing leaves. You are welcome.

Throw some "borrowed" from the parents curly willow tree sticks in, plop it in a corner and call it a day:

Voila. Easy peasy nice and cheesy.

SNOT. Whoops. Sorry about that.


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  1. fantastic!
    i just spray painted a glass vase for the first time last week. i wasn't sure if it would work but the vase only cost 50 cents so i figured i had nothing to lose!

  2. I need some curly willow branches! Need them NEED THEM!

  3. Very cute! You really should deal with your spray-paint addiction. ;)

  4. That vase turned out great! I just popped over to catch up. I've been off-line for a few days. Hope you're all feeling better. WHERE did you get the breastfeeding sticker?! I want one for my blog!

  5. Very nice! Spray paint is heaven sent, isn't it?!

  6. I just love spray paint! I think my finger will always be black and white from spraying so much!

  7. Snot. Love that word. Love your blog. Love spray paint. Love that you touched up the neighbor's house.
    I'm following.

  8. Very cool! I might have to borrow this idea. :)

  9. Dumb question: Did you spray paint the inside or outside of the vase?

  10. Very cool project! I've frosted glass before, but never tried a color. Great job! It definitely looks better. :) I like the twigs too. Hope the snot stuff goes away soon...I hate it when my kids are snotty!!! Thanks for the visit. :)

  11. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more - looking at your project or reading how you described it. VERY creative writing!!

  12. It looks great and I had to laugh at your commentary. =)

  13. It turned out great! Thanks for your continuous inspiration! :)


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