Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spray Paint Someone's BEHIND And Call It A Day...

This is my favorite fall picture from last year:

I have it up as my computer background, but check out what I've just recently noticed:

Ain't that PRECIOUS.

Enter spray paint feature in Paint program, because we're not cool enough to own Photoshop:

Ahhhh, that's MUCH better. Can I just say, I have never spray painted anyone's...ah...BEHIND before. Felt kinda silly. Now it just looks as if there is a large camouflaged person in my picture. Much less offensive to have as the computer background now. I actually might print and frame it now.

You can't really see it, but I was less than two months away from delivering Lil Chick and only a week or two away from full-time bedrest. I love that one of my favorite pregnancy pics is one where my glorious belly is all but invisible.

You wanna see my other favorite preggo pic?

Brace yourself.

It's actually quite stunning:

And by "stunning" I do mean outlandish.

Happy October! May there be no large behinds in your cute pumpkin patch pictures.



  1. You can find a use for spray paint everywhere! Nice work, though, can't even tell where the booty was.

  2. haha, i love this! i'm a design major...I like to say i'm majoring in photoshop...and trust me, i've seen worse! with better programs too! :)

  3. Ha ha. You're so funny. I should show you a couple of my almost ahem . . . 200lb pregnancy pictures. You could feel incredibly good about yourself after that. Both pictures are really, really cute!

  4. A, once you start Photoshopping, you won't be able to stop.

    Speaking of "behinds"...mine's getting too large, so I need to hit the gym a little harder before the holidays.


  5. Hilarious. There are always behinds in my photos!

    Loving my serger....I hope you get one!!! I got an inexpensive one and it works great!

  6. I was inexpensive compared to the rest of the serger still took some saving ;) It sounded like I was talking about a candy bar or something LOL!

  7. Hee, hee ... thanks for making me laugh!! You are too funny!! :o)


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