Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clearing Out The Draft Folder...

A smattering of often pointless but nevertheless hopefully entertaining shorts in the draft folder:


My almost 11 month old daughter gained four pounds in less than a month. This daughter, who is currently lying prostrate on the ground so as to teeth on the piano pedals, is a CARB-AHOLIC.

Wonder where she got THAT from?


Would you rather change EIGHT medium sized poopy diapers per day or ONE insanely impressive ginormo poopy diaper per day?

YES, you have to pick one.

We are currently on the EIGHT medium sized poopy diapers per day plan. And by "we" I do mean Lil Chick. She is going through more diapers now than when she was a newborn. If I had a nickel for every poopy diaper I've changed...well, I could buy these:

I'd call them my poop boots. Nice ring to it, no?

However I am now completely disgustipated. They are actually Girls boots, not Womens boots. What does it say about me that I prefer Girls boots over Womens? Is it just me or are those seriously cute? Please, someone justify my thought processes here.


And going WAY back to summer:

My take on the annual, held-in-my-small-town Fair:

I detest crowds. I get crabby at people who walk slowly and then stop in the middle of a walkway forcing everyone to walk around them. However, since I am now one of Those Mom's who push a gargantuan double-wide Bob stroller around I fully realize I am now part of the crowd problem. My penchant for speed walking and whipping around people with the double-wide Bob doesn't help. I'm pretty sure I startled eighteen or so peoples, whom surely though that there was an emergency or a Poffertjes stand that I was rushing towards.

(hint: it was the Poffertjes. Surprised? Didn't think so.)


ALSO: Vintage Dutch Girl now has a fan page on Facebook. So, if you are on Facebook, do check it out HERE and become a fan.



  1. Rachael, I added a WIKI link to the Poffertjies :) Just know that they are HEAVENLY!

  2. Ha ha ha...love your comments on the Fair...we feel same...LOVE those Poffertjes! ;-)

  3. Haha...I love the random blog! =) Skyler gained almost 4 pounds in a month and I thought THAT was impressive! According to Alec Emmy now outweighs Skyler!?!?! What? What a little chunker...I bet her rolls are even more kissable! Can't wait to see those chillens over the holidays! We have MUCH to catch up on!

  4. Awesome post!

    the poffertjies sound wonnnnderful! I may have to try those out. anything w/powdered sugar as a garnish has to be good.

    love the new profile pic!

  5. poffertjies sound delicious. Not sure it's something they make around here. Too bad we never tasted them when we lived out there. BTW, LOVE the boots. Too bad they don't have them in women's sizes. They make such cute girls stuff.

  6. I sympathize with the love of girls clothing, but thankfully I can usually find lots of cute stuff in the junior's section that I can actually get into... but with a 30th birthday approaching in less than three months, I wonder how soon I'm going to start getting funny looks shopping there! So yes, you're totally allowed to love the girl boots, and yes, "poop boots" does have a very nice ring to it!


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