Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flower Creatin' Obsession...

Uh, I've been kinda busy. And NO, not because my house is now all shiny and sparkly. I wish.

I may have a flower creatin' obsession. It's quite the invasive disease. Not that I'm looking for a cure. It's fun and I'm loving what I can come up with.

Brace yourself.

Flower overload heading your way if you scroll down. Just to break the trend is something a little different at the end. It has ruffles people. RUFFLES. Ruffles make me happy.

Everything (including MORE photos, if that's even possible) is now up for grabs in the Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy Shop:

PHEW! Still with me? I'm impressed!

OK, here you go, some happy smiley RUFFLES:

Need a closer shot? Mkay:

*(insert sigh of contentment)*

RUFFLE quota of the day has just been met...



  1. Someone needs to buy something in MY shop so i have some money in my paypal... so that I can buy one of those flowers! lol LOVE THEM. PERFECT addition to a winter coat. Or for a party... or.. okay, seriously. I want one. :)

  2. Soooo gorgeous!! A few of those are ESPECIALLY so!!! You've sure been busy, babey! :)

  3. ok, i'm all about passions and craftiness but honey, i also noticed that you posted this entry at 5:30 am!! i understand that all this 'ruffle-ling' is a great little hobby but at 5:30 in the morning!!??? :) i'm just jealous. it's all i can do to hit the snooze button at 7 am, let alone get up and try and turn on the computer! i want to be you....

    anywho...i'm putting an order in:
    light pink and mocha (sounds 'cuter' than brown)colored. not too big.not to small. you're the expert. i'm sure you'll come up with something perfect for me. just don't be thinking of this at 5:30 am!! :)

  4. Amanda! So impressed with your bee-yoo-tiffle creationings... I'm so proud you're my friend. :) Love you!


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