Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ms. Boring Pink T Shirt Gets a SASSY Makeover...

Meet Ms. Boring Pink (used to be maternity, but isn't anymore thanks to my scissors and sewing maching) T shirt.

She's BORING. She's BLAH. She needs some OOMPH and some SASS:

Enter extra flower petals laying around, my sewing machine and a napping baby and SHAZAM!!!

She's no longer boring and blah:

DEFINITELY some SASS going on:

I'll admit it, I about peed my pants when I washed it ( inside out) and it turned out PERFECT. Phew! Because really now, what stay-at-home-Mama do YOU know that can walk around in a dry-clean only T shirt? Puh-lease. It needs to be 'baby spewed yams on me again' proof.

And guess what? IT IS! Of course, I don't dare put it in the dryer, so 'hang to dry' it will be.

And Ms. Sassy Pink T shirt makes me smile just looking at her:

Now that's a makeover if I ever saw one...


p.s. I'm thinking about starting a little T-shirt Sassification send me a blah shirt and I make it all nice and sassy (ruffles, flowers, decorative trim, petals etc.) . I would love some feedback from you, my lovely readers! So, whatcha think? Spill it in the comments.


  1. LOVE IT! I could hire you...I have a shirt that I want to remodel but don't know where to start! What are you charging?

  2. I've got a whole drawer full of tees that could use some ruffelicious sassification.

  3. Sign me up too! I love the ruffle shirts but can't sew!

  4. And/or, you could teach sassification classes to those of us with mild sewing skills but very little style! ;)

  5. Very great idea!! Now to get the word out to people that it's an option. You should also start a facebook page so all your fb peeps can look there as well!

  6. I was just thinking that today...I bet folks out there love her Sassy Shirts but can't sew to save their life! I would love to get one made for sister in law. She's a little sassy girl with two little ones.


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