Monday, November 16, 2009

White Baby Doll T Shirt Gets Some Sass...

Yes, I do realize this t-shirt sassifying thingy is getting a tad monotonous. But guess what? I LURVE it.

So, here we go again.

My adorable cake-baking sister, Brown Eyed Girl, commissioned me to sassify a few of her blah shirts. She has a cutely cut, white baby doll t-shirt that needed some oomph and detail.

We decided tone on tone would look fab. Here's what happened, before and after:

Three separate flowers, frayed to perfection and stitched down to be machine washable and hang to dry.

Add some trim to the neckline and VOILA!

A basic, nothing special t shirt is now a signature piece.

Throw on some rockin' jeans, cute wintry boots with poms on the ends of the laces (am I the only one who thinks those are adorable?!) and this shirt, and you are good to go:


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