Thursday, December 10, 2009

The BIRTHDAY PLAN of 2009...

I've been busy up in the bonus room. Just a quick smattering of projects. I've felt super inspired (yes, AGAIN.) and ready to do some major sewing and creating. Why why WHY do I have to be all inspired on the busiest week and month of the YEAR?

OK, it may not be THAT busy for you. What's on your plate this week? Maybe an office Christmas party, online shopping for those last 3 gifts you can't find and a quick trip to the mall?

This week we have TWO birthday parties. And I'm throwing them. Yep, Bubbalu and Lil Chick both have December birthdays....4 days apart....two weeks before Christmas. In DECEMBER. FOUR days apart. TWO birthdays. TWO weeks before Christmas.


OK, I'm officially done whining.

Truth is, I love throwing a party. I don't like to keep it simple and blah. When things are simple and blah I feel a bit sad. I LIKE to make parties special and create something unique for them. I also want to make sure my kids don't get the "oh, your birthday is so close to Christmas let's just lump the parties together" and have their birthday overlooked altogether. Problem is, throw two parties that I'd LOVE to have fun with together in one week (*ahem* 4 days apart) and there just isn't enough time to do it all.

Unless, that is, I plan ahead and maybe even create an excel spreadsheet detailing (insert booming loudspeaker echo voice) THE BIRTHDAY PLAN of 2009 complete with scheduled crafting, cake baking, decorating and even a rest time or two thrown in to keep Mama's sanity intact.

Good thing I plan ahead.

Lil Chick turned ONE yesterday. She makes me smile. She makes other people smile. She has dimples when she smiles.

We had a lovely, yet subdued (for me) party. Stay tuned, pictures coming soon.

There will be cake, there will be a tutu, and there will be dimples...



  1. There was a TUTU and I MISSED IT??? Bah...
    Well yes, I understand the busy-ness. We don't get our "holiday pay" (which covers christmas presents) until Dec. 1st. So I'm just beginning my shopping. I hosted a table at the Woman's Ministry Dinner. We are going away for our anniversary next week. And Nat had to take yesterday off to go get a Christmas tre (that I'm still trying to decorate). Yep, I TOTALLY understand! =)
    Can't wait to see you all and spend some time relaxing (and possibly crafting?) during Christmas.

  2. Happy birthday, Lil' Chick! I didn't realize how close both your kids are in ages to mine, the twins will be three on the 19th. Ain't it fun? ;) We're contemplating switching to half-birthday parties when they get older...


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