Friday, December 4, 2009

NEW Christmas Flower Pins in the Shop...and There's A SALE Going On...

You need some Festive Christmas sassyness. I just KNOW it.

So, how bout these?

Festive Christmas Plaid:

Candy Cane sugary yummyness!:

OK, it's not REALLY made out of candy canes and, ya know, SUGAR. Please don't try to eat your flower pin. I'm sure it tastes horrible.

But guess what? They look super cute on a black fleece coat over a red t-shirt and white cami with jeans and cute black flats. I know this because I wore it two days in a row. AND went to the post office yesterday AND today. Forgot that I wore the SAME OUTFIT until I got home. Doh!

I'm sure the nice post office lady noticed my outfit encore. Who WOULDN'T remember that pin?

Yay for Christmas Festivity! Pins are in the shop, ready for you to purchase. OR.... if you happen to live local, they are now at Grandiflora! Go on in and take a look-see...


(And yes I totally realize that my posts are starting to get BORING and SIMILAR. Just finished up a huge flower pin makin' project and I'll soon get back to writing about my obsession with creamer, my precocious almost 3 yr old and sweet almost 1 yr old and my penchant for choosing to do sewing projects over housework. Thanks for reading!)

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