Monday, January 4, 2010

My FAVORITE Post of 2009...and a Mr. Linky

Happy New Year!

Just between you and me, this Mama is thrilled to see 2009 over and a bright and fresh new year here and ready for us to live it.

What can I say? 2009 wasn't spectacular. There were many struggles and issues going on in our lives. Not that we don't have any more struggles or issues (let's face it, with MY attitude problem there is ALWAYS an issue) but somehow I think 2010 will be a wonderful year.

I'm reflective and pensive today, remembering one year ago today when I hit rock bottom. We rang in 2009 to the blips and lights of monitors in the hospital with our sick three week old baby girl. We were day four into Lil Chick's hospital stay and I completely lost it.

It STILL makes me cry to think about it.

I cry EVERY TIME I read that post.

That post needed to be written. It was how I dealt with the overwhelming circumstances and the flood of thoughts and emotions pouring over and through me. I sobbed as I wrote it, knowing full well I looked like a crazy woman with tears spilling onto the keyboard.

Strangely, It's my favorite blog post of 2009.



  1. I cried reading that post (again, cuz I cried the first time too). It made me sad that I wasn't closer (distance wise) to you as you were going through that! If you hadn't moved two hours away and if I hadn't had a newborn of my own to tend to, you know I would have been there! Bring you coffee, and homebaked goods, and hugs! I'm good at hugs!

    Yes, I'd have to agree that 2010 has a high probablility for being a better year! =)

    I'd share a link, but my site is private...

    My favorite post was announcing our adoption! It amazed me all the support we had right off the bat! And thank YOU for being part of that support!

    Love ya Sis,

    P.S. Africa shirt pics, please!!! =) Sorry to be a pest!

  2. Oh man, how to choose? I feel like we were so blessed this year- it's amazing to look back and see everything that's happened. I'll throw a dart and link to that post :)

    So glad your baby is doing well now. Hope 2010 is a great year for your family!!

  3. OK, I chose :) It's recent, and not craft-related, but it felt so good to share the music that I love :)

  4. I love you, A. I don't have a fav post yet, but I wanted to tell you that I love you =)

  5. So not techy enough to participate in this:) Your techiness is inspiring though:)
    The post you referenced to made me cry for the second time. I appreciated your openness, it is not always what is bright and shiny but it is what is real!!
    Love ya Amanda and I hope to be techy someday too!

  6. I remember reading that post and crying, too. Such a moment in time.

    I chose my fave post, but it sure was difficult! I ended up chosing a crafty one, because I'm pretty proud of myself for making a tutorial! lol

    However, may I add that my "Farewell September" post is a close second? It too was a moment...not a heart-wrenching moment such as yours, but a moment in time, a glimpse of our lives during a sweet month of September (posted at beginning of Oct 09).

    Thank you, friend...for sharing your world with us here. For making us laugh & cry along with you...and maybe feel inspired to make something crafty, too! :) The Lord has blessed you with great gifts! :)

  7. That post of yours was the first one I read of your blog. You found me right after Lil Chick came home, when Drew was going through the same thing, and I related so very much to that post! This means you have been my bloggy friend for a year now!

    I will put it on my blogging list to try to figure out which was my fave post of 2009. But since I haven't even done back to school pictures, I might not get it done... :)

  8. I had actually randomly thought about Lil Chick today and prayed thanking God that He chose to spare her precious little life! And of course there were tears involved... as there are now after reading your post!


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