Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Have THIN Knees...

So I've been perusing websites looking for bathing suit options, and came across this...uh...article of clothing in the swimsuit section. Apparently it is designed to wear with a bikini top:

"Yes Ma'am, this piece will help to emphasize your saddle bags and inner thighs, but you will have the THINNEST knees on the pool deck!"



  1. Can I laugh and roll my eyes, both? (Is there an emoticon for that?) Seriously, don't you wonder if fashion designers EVER think about what their clothes will look like on an actual woman? Or is it all about just making something that stands out in a crowd? For myself, I prefer not to stand out like that, thanks anyway. I stick out like a sore thumb when my nearly-two-year-old asks to nurse, but at least I don't need to wear pants that emphasize all my worst features. Although, it is nice that someone is thinking about covering up a bit more at the pool...

  2. Aw yes, the harem pants. Designed for confident teens and young adults with a stick thin figure striving to be the topic of conversation. Not a fan...not a fan.

  3. Those can't possibly look good on ANYBODY who isn't 6 feet tall and superthin. I think I would get mocked off the beach for even attempting to wear something like that.


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