Friday, January 8, 2010

Um, My Serger Scares Me...

Ever felt frustrated with how difficult and confusing it is to thread a sewing machine? Goodness gracious, I know I've had troubles with them. Bobbin cases, tangled thread, weird loop-de-loops and then threading the needle?

Oy, it almost makes ya want to throw the whole dang thing out the window.


Give me a plain ole sewing machine ANY day. I just spent the last WEEK learning how to properly thread my new serger.

Yes, it DID take a week. (Was slightly distracted on an every-five-minute-whine-session schedule by Bubbalu and Lil Chick)

Yes, there are FOUR threads to figure out. (FOUR! All at the same time.)

Yes, it requires a TWEEZERS to thread the serger. (I should only have to use tweezers for C Sections, plucking errant eyebrow hairs or removing a splinter from Bubbalu's hand.)

Yes, there is an upper looper and lower looper. ( A WHAT!?)

Yes, I've read the manual cover to cover and still am not quite sure what the upper looper and lower looper IS or WHERE they are on my serger. (Um, WHAT?!)

Yes, I've watched the instructional DVD's that came with it and still am not quite sure what the upper looper and lower looper IS or WHERE they are on my serger. (Yes, I DID watch an informational DVD on the proper use of my Serger. Stop laughing. I am NOT a nerd!)

I'm feeling a wee bit intimidated. (As if you couldn't tell)

Besides, any fast moving machine that has a cutting BLADE on it scares me. Especially when my fingers are less than an inch from said blade. (A BLADE.)

A Blade + Amanda's fingers = Amanda freak out.

I haven't named my serger yet, but I'm thinking it needs an appropriate name. I may need to wait awhile and see how it treats me first. If it cuts me, it automatically gets an ugly name. If it makes perfect, professionally finished seams with ease, it will get a lovely name.

I'll just have to wait and see.

Off to the crafting room I go, but have no fear! I have a phone within reach so I can dial 911 should my serger get all riled up and attack me...


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  1. Uh, whatever! I want a serger...I think. I hear it like relearning how to "sew." Think of it like knowing your PC and getting a new shiny MAC. Whole new langauge...but once you figure it out you can make lots of fun stuff not to mention photoshopping yourself in pics! Cant wait to see what you make. A little jealous but I'll pray about that!

  2. Try using a beading needle to help you thread it- easier than the tweezers :)

  3. Walmart has the one that I (Amanda's Mom) bought for only $5. It's called Sassy & Sophisticated.

  4. Tip: Use different colored thread to discover what each thread does. It's easy to tell the upper looper (loops of thread on the top of the serge) and lower looper (loops of thread on the bottom of the serge)this way. Good Luck with the new baby. you'll love her in no time! :)

  5. I was scared of mine at first too so much so that I didn't take it out of the box for over a week! Just keep trying, you will soon be best friends!

  6. My MIL gave me a Broter serger two years ago. I learned how to thread it (it sucks the thread up) and tried it a couple times. It intimidates the pants off me, and I've not touched it since!

  7. This is so funny that you wrote this, found you off of one pretty thing by they way, because I was just getting ready to write a post about how my serger terrifies me! I got it for Christmas and it's taken me this long just to set it up and thread the darn thing. Yes, I too watched the DVDs. (;

    Any tips for how you learned to use it??? I think I figured out how to do an edge but I have no idea how to serge an area that's in the middle of the fabric like a waistband. Grrr.

    Sorry for the long comment, I'm just so happy to find a kindred serger soul! You can find me at too.


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