Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Sassify A Plain Dress...

I went shopping and purchased a clearance rack dress. It is a super comfy, flattering cut, knit dress.

With one problem.


OK, time to sassify!

Here is the dress BEFORE:

Just yer basic knit black dress. With side tie straps that really don't do anything as the empire waist is already fully elasticized. They just make it look more maternity-ish. NOT cool.

SNIP those useless straps right off!

OK, next up, some BLING BABY. BLING. I found my bling at the local fabric store. Didja know you can buy lace and blingy trims by the yard? Yeppero! Here's what I found:

And I also bought some lovely blue-tealish taffeta that matches my snazzy new shoes.

First up, pin and sew blingy trim around entire neckline of dress:

Then wait a few days because you got too busy with the sick children. In between wiping snotty noses cut and create a lovely HUGE blue-teal flower pin:

Wait a few more days.

Wipe more snotty noses.

Finally, pin and sew a few more rows of sassy bling onto the front of the dress:

Use up extra bling trim to bling up your HUGE blue-teal flower pin and throw it on your now sassy dress:

Ahhhh. That's better.

I can't decide if I'll wear it like the above picture of if I will wear it pinned on my new thick elastic black belt (Megs, my beautificationist/style consultant, just fell out of her chair. Yep Megs, FINALLY bought a thick belt!).

I kinda like it on the waist:

And yes, I'm going to wear my new teal shoes with my newly sassy dress:

Hello gorgeous shoes. I've missed you.

OK now, get out there and start sassing up those boring dresses!



  1. Well'd look fabulous in a sack cloth (seriously), but this will be absolutely knock-em-dead on your trip! :) Great job...hubby won't be able to keep his hands offa ya! ;-)

  2. I think you need to make us all one:) Love it!

  3. Ok, I was wondering about the blue flower, but I loved the lace you added to it! The dress looks wonderful, and the shoes! Yes, I don't get jealous much, but those shoes! Great job! Have you been by to visit?

  4. ReAlLy?!?!?! A bElT?!?!? Who took my sister-in-law and where did she go?????
    Now was I right? Do you look like a skinny mini? Or does your belly pooch out? I already know the answer...but don't worry...I'm not gonna say I TOLD YOU SO!!!! =P

  5. Wow you are a genius! and those shoes are fabulous!! Im sure you will look amazing!
    Emma x

  6. Love the way you blingafied your dress! It looks fab and those shoes are to die for!

  7. Seriously love this. Did you have to do anything special to sew through knit?

  8. Seriously love this. Did you have to do anything special to sew through knit?

  9. Whoa - The dress! The shoes! I love it!


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