Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sassy Shoes...

I just bought these shoes:

They nearly jumped off the shoe display and injured me in their eagerness for me to purchase them.

SO sassy.

SO very TEAL.

I'm SO loving them. I may need to break them in tomorrow while going about my normal day at home. Won't they look lovely with my faded-to-gray-but-used-to-be-black yoga pants and oversized t-shirt?

I skipped with joy over to the fabric store and purchased a half-yard of perfectly matching teal taffeta...matching flower pin embellishment here I come! Pics to come. Hopefully. IF I can actually finish my list. Completion of list will require giving up exercising, eating and sleeping. SO not happening.


Then while walking through Kohls to get back to my car I spotted these little beauties:

(*SIGH*) Oh Vera Vera Vera, WHAT are you trying to do to me?

And yes, I DID say that out loud in the store. The shoe salesguy kinda glanced over at me strangely, but who cares, the shoes deserved it.



  1. JEALOUS!!!! I LOVE the patent heel cap on them! Those are just darling...and what a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit!

  2. I love the second pair, they are so cute! I could never get away with them, though, they would make me six foot two. I am so jealous of the ability to wear sassy heels. Enjoy them!

  3. The teal is calling to me, too... oh, dear.

    I almost bought that second pair, too. We are getting sucked into the impenetrable depth of sassiness, it seems. :)

  4. I would break my neck if I even looked at those too long, but they are GORGEOUS!


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