Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're Going Swimming, Retro Style...

Guess what? I can't think of anything sassy to say.

The meds are really starting to affect me. Or it could be lack of sleep. Yes we are on day #8 of illness in our house (as in everyone) and this bug is a DOOZY. Even though my sense of taste and smell are on vacation (A.K.A. the most effective diet on the planet) I am still able to shop online and share my picks.

I am DIGGING this retro 1940's style swimwear thing that's been going on. I myself found a cute, adequately covering, retro-inspired black with white polka dot bikini swimsuit. SUPER excited about my find. The only problem? I can't find it online to show you. (Hangs head in shame.) And don't even think about asking for a pic of me wearing it. SO not happening.

However, I've had fun finding some vintage/retro'ish swimsuits online. Here are some of my fave's found online for under $100:

The Jantzen "Vamp Maillot" for $98:

It also comes in black or fuchsia.

The Coco-Rave "Beach Blanket Stripe" Bandeau top and Ruffled Skirted Bottom, $44 for the top, $50 for the bottom:

(Don'tcha just love how I look in this picture? I always pose like this on the beach, don't you? You should. And HELLO! There's a huge flower pin in her...er...I mean MY hair!)

Oh, and for uber-cheapo polka dot fun, here is the Norma Kamali Bandeau Tankini Top and Dot Skirted Bottom from Wally world for $15 each piece:

(hello, awkward space in between pictures! I'm pretty certain they aren't in proportion, but it looks mightly familiar to what I see in the mirror.)

Also from Wally World, a Red Shirred Halter for only $30:

But, of course, if you really truly want vintage inspired swimwear, each one under $100, you need to go HERE:

SO cute.

And you betcha I'll be making a ginormous red flower to wear in my hair with my black and white polka dot bikini. Throw on some huge Jacki O. white rimmed sunglasses, paint my lips red and I'm good to go.

But the wedge patent leather red heels? I think I'll pass. I'd just trip in them anyways. The last thing I want is to do is introduce my face to the deck floor in front of hundreds of people. Especially while wearing a bikini. And a huge red flower in my hair. I'd probably break my huge Jacki O. white rimmed sunglasses and smudge my red lipstick. See? SO not worth the red shoes!

Happy swimsuit shopping!



  1. I have some red wedge heels you could borrow for your cruise! And even a really cute black and white polka dot dress you'd look hot in!!! I'll bring it up later this month for you to try on! =)

  2. Is there such a thing as "happy swim suit shopping"?? hehe! But I do love some of those!!!

  3. Oh, I think you could TOTALLY pull off the whole Jackie-O ensemble!! :) Serious.

  4. These are fabulous. I love all of them!! My husband wants me to order some of these :-)

    Feel better!!


  5. Where are you going to? Looks like somewhere warm!! Lucky!!

  6. oh, swimsuit shopping! Cute suits here, though. I had never heard of Lolita's before - very fun.

  7. oh I love them! it is time for swimsuit shopping in AZ. Even if my bod isn't ready for it :(

  8. I LOVE all your picks! So cute. :) I oddly have a weird passion for swimsuits, even though I hate wearing them! Here are 2 tankini's I couldn't pass up last year at Target. They have them this year too!

    ps-sorry for the gi-normous links.



  9. Thanks for a fun post! Just so you know, I am using the picture of you
    (the Coco-Rave "Beach Blanket Stripe" with the huge flower pin in your hair) as inspiration for getting my body back after this baby is born. I mean, if you can get abs like that after 2 babies, so can I, right? ;) Love it!

  10. I dunno...red shoes are worth a lot. :-) I found a cute skirted suit on Chadwick's that I just love!

  11. I always count on you for swimsuit finds since I hate looking for them. You look AWESOME in those pictures - you don't look sick at all ;)


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