Friday, March 5, 2010

The Day the TV Died...

The day the TV died.

On the day the TV died it was quiet and still.

Sure, we were sad to see it go but thought, "Hey, no big deal, we'll just do without".

On the day the TV died Mama sat and read the paper front to back.

On the day the TV died Bubbalu missed his Sprout, Thomas and Super Why and didn't understand why.

(Fast forward two days)

We start shopping Craigslist for a cheapo replacement!

While measuring the size of the TV, we turn the TV around, and guess what?

The TV never died. SOMEONE just unplugged it.

I have a pretty good guess who that SOMEONE was...



  1. LOL that is so funny! I love the duh! moments and then the releif that goes with them.

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning!! That is just too funny!!

    Oh.. and I am glad you don't have to buy a new TV!!

  3. Sometimes, its good to have life without TV for a bit...

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! So funny. I seriously was thinking, "oh my goodness! What on earth will she do without a tv break?" We were without tv for two days last week too, but that was due to a certain little boy's BAD attitude. More than two days . . . I would've been telling daddy we need to go TV shopping at Costco. HA HA!!!


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