Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Sunday...

We had a lovely Palm Sunday.

I was singing on praise team with my Mom-In-Law and Bubbalu was scheduled to sing a few songs with all of his fellow preschoolers during the service.

We were right in the middle of a song at the beginning of the service as the kids were being led down the aisles, waving their palm branches with gusto, and being arranged on the front steps of the stage.

I had hoped he wouldn't see me. I figured he would act up if he saw me.

However, he found me.

"MOMMY!!! HI MOMMY!!!" He is standing with his back to the crowd, waving his palm branch at me with the HUGEST grin in this universe on his face.

I know I smiled, and I'm certain I missed a few notes.

He kept looking at me and then got this strange look on his face. I'm thinking he was wondering why I wasn't going to him or acknowledging him.

Then....tears, huge crocodile tears, open mouth...and wailing.

Thankfully his wonderful Little Lambs teacher stepped in and comforted him. Poor kid. Musta though his Mama was completely deserting him.

He managed to go back up and maybe even sang a word to two during their songs. Gotta love little bitty kiddos singing their hearts out...or twirling in their new dresses...or making faces at their parents :)

The kiddos did a great and adorable job (per the usual) and then were dismissed...to do it all over again during the next service.

So next service (while singing) I backed up farther and hid behind my Mother-in-law so Bubbalu wouldn't have a repeat performance. I KNOW there were people in the crowd watching me hide while Bubbalu craned his neck looking for me. I may have distracted one or twenty-two folks. Sorry bout that.

Almost three days later and it still makes me smile to think how happy he was to see me and of his cute little face singing, "Hosanna in the highest!"

Ya know, after the crocodile tears were wiped away.



  1. Oh poor sweetie. I just started teaching a beginning tap class one day a week, and thought that my mom could come with me and watch Kam there while I taught the 30 minute class {my older two were taking the class so they were with me} Yeah right. Kam caught a glimpse of me {and her sissies} tapping away without her, and she was completely inconsolable the whole half hour. My mom tried to take her outside, to the car, to the front of the studio, nothing worked. It was awful. Though I am happy to be loved so much :)

  2. It was soo great. I love that lil' guy and his antics. :) At least my lil' gal kept him company in moving around onstage, lol. ;-)

  3. Just found your blog and am lovin' the stories. Look forward to reading more.

    Laurel :)


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