Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dining Room Battlefield...

What to do when you don't have any blog fodder? Quite simple really.

Change darling daughter's super blow-out diaper and remove her clothing as it is full of poo. After a thorough hosing off in the shower, put diaper-only clad baby into high chair. Give diaper-only clad 16 month old a bowl of stawberry yogurt and a spoon.

Leave unattended for....oh...about 65 seconds.

And.....PRESTO! Blog fodder:

My favorite part of this whole dining room mess was a lonely little strawberry perched precariously on the windowsill:

And which is why today I geared up, cranked my Ipod and scrubbed my dining room walls, chairs, windowsill, baseboards, table, high chairs and floor. It helped that I was listening to Jordin Sparks, 'Battlefield' on replay.

Cause I felt like I was fighting a battle. Amanda VS. Dried-on Food.

I have mini-skirmishes daily in the Amanda vs. Dried-on Food saga, but attempt a full-on war battle about once a week.

Each side will pull ahead for a time, only to be slapped back into last place. Currently, Amanda is sorta ahead. However, Dried-on Food has a champion fighter on their side which will most certainly attempt to slap my lead down around dinner-time tonight:

Isn't she ferocious?

She's also a bit sassy too. I have NO idea where she got that attitude from:


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  1. I did that today, too! A bucket o' Simple Green and a toothbrush, attacking the little ridges on my kitchen table. Then abandoned the toothbrush in favor of a paring knife. Yeah, it was bad...

  2. I was just thinking how I am sooooo tired of picking up food off the floor! I need a dog! Your daughter is just adorable :)

  3. Oh my dear bloggy friend, our lives our so much the same. And our daughters . . . well, they are two peas in a pod. SIGH. Mine attracts (or is that makes) a mess where ever she goes. She even makes the daycare workers at the gym sigh. She has that much sass in her 'tude. He, he, he.

  4. You can clean that up with Basic H and you can win some at my giveaway at



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