Friday, April 16, 2010


So earlier this week I was on the phone having a deep serious conversation with my dear Mother In Law (whom I love dearly, by the way. Not your typical MIL to daughter-in-law relationship. So when I say having a deep serious conversation with her, that's a GOOD thing! ).

I was roaming about the kitchen and family room picking up things and doing that general tinkering about that most Mama's that I know do when chatting on the phone. Bubbalu and Lil Chick were nicely playing in the living room with the duplos.

I walked around the corner to check on the kids and BURST out laughing...right in the middle of a very intense sentence of Mom's.

This is why I was laughing:

Oh yes he did.

Duplos in the fishtank. WHY? I'm guessing he was thinking, "Well, she never said I COULDN'T throw my duplos into the fish tank, so let's try er out!".

I grabbed the little fish net thingy and was able to get most of them out. Yeah, I said most of them. There are three single duplos that sunk to the bottom that I couldn't get at.

Which is why, if you come over, you might see something like this in our tank:

But hey, at least the fish now have something to play with...


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  1. So glad to hear the fish won't be bored ;)

  2. Those stray duplos will also be great conversation starters for guests! Too funny.

  3. That is SO much better than Duplos down the toilet -- count your blessings!

  4. I love how it's the letter B for Bubbau:) He left his mark on it I guess! Fancy fish tank!

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  6. That sounds like something that would happen to me! I am your newest follower.


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