Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes They Have Potential...

Sometimes you are browsing through clothing racks and spot something with potential. You grab it, hopeful, until you see it is NOT your size. Or, about 3 sizes too big. Your hopes are dashed.


I had a lovely friend bring me a cute shirt with potential that just happened to be about 3 sizes too big for her:

All she said???

"It needs you. Do whatever you want".

There's those words again! Love em.

This shirt sat on my "to be accomplished when inspiration hits" pile for a very long time. Anyone else have one of those?

And when I say a long time. I'm talking a LOONNNGGG time.

FINALLY inspiration hit. In full force.

I sliced and diced and added a wide belt hitting at that perfectly slimming, non-maternity looking spot and a sassy tie in the back and a Vintage Dutch Girl Flower pin to top it all off:

I'll admit, I wanted to keep this one :) But hey, it was fun to give it back to my sweet friend and see her smile!


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  1. I love what you did to this shirt! Makes me wish I had bought the one I liked today at the thrift store that was 2 sizes too big!!

  2. Love this one I'm going to go looking for shirts in the bigger size just so you can sassify it for me! :)

  3. and boy, did you ever make that friend smile!! i can hardly wait for morning to come so i can wear it. i was going to sleep in it then realized that it would be gross to wear it for 24 hours. i'm off to seattle for a few days with the hub so i can show it off!! you're the best! thank you for making it so darn cute.
    btw, came home after chatting with you at jill's and found 3 gap t-shirts from the Gap that i had bought, last summer, end of the season that are NEW! blue, red and white!! so i'm sending them your way. thank you for being so talented. it's nice to have talented friends! :) love u.


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