Monday, April 5, 2010

While In Line At The Costco Food Court...AGAIN...

On Friday I was in line at Costco's food court to get a (*ahem, 2) mocha to sip on my drive home. It was quite a long line as the lunch crowd was getting all antsy for their chicken bakes and slices of pepperoni pizza. And by slice I do mean the equivalent of a medium sized pizza. But in slice form. HUGE slices.


So I overhear these two young women chatting behind me in the line. They were dressed in workout gear and all cute and sassy. Best of all?

They had British accents.

Maybe it's my current obsession with 'Pride and Prejudice' that is making me love a British accent right now. I read through the entire book last week. Yep, in ONE WEEK. I've actually started it a few times but never got past the first 50 pages or so. Now that I've watched the latest movie version ( yes, yes, I realize that it's sputton (aka: sacrilege) to you die hard Austen fans who prefer the A&E version from 1995 or maybe even the BBC production from 1980.) I think I understand the story line so well now that it was an absolute delight to read. I'm now on to 'Sense and Sensibility'. After that maybe some Emma. I've also been told that 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' is quite good. Not sure what THAT'S all about but I think I'll give it a try.

ANYWHO. Got a smidgen off subject there.

Back to Costco.

So the sassy British accent woman says to me, "Excuse me Miss, where did you purchase your cardigan? I've been looking for a short sleeved cardigan and can't seem to find one?".

NOW. I was feeling all proud of myself for actually sorta dressing cute that day. I had a hot date with the hubby that morning at the office. Nothing like some drilling and sealants on a date! But I wanted to look cute so I retired my faded-to-gray yoga pants and actually tried to put an outfit together.

Dark yellow fitted tee, black short sleeved long length cardigan with hot pink flower pin, a black necklace, Diva jeans from Old Navy and my normal black wedge shoes. I was so proud of myself for mixing colors.

When she asked me I paused a bit before answering her a vague, "Oh, somewhere in the mall?" smiled and turned back around.

I hope she didn't see my flaming red cheeks.

You see, how do you explain to a young, hip woman that you are not currently and haven't been pregnant for about 16 months but bought your coveted cardigan at MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY and are STILL WEARING it?

I just didn't have the self-confidence or nerve to tell her.

Methinks it's time to get the ole seam ripper busy and take that incriminating tag off of my black cardigan.

And I think I'll be sticking with my vague, "Oh, somewhere in the mall..." answer.

Hey, at least I looked cute and had a mocha (*ahem, 2) to sip on while driving my non-pregnant but maternity clothes wearing self home.

C'mon ladies, spill it. Do YOU have a item of maternity clothing that you STILL wear despite not being preggers?


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  1. Ahem. Most of my cute clothes are maternity clothes. I have this blog that I follow called "Vintage Dutch Girl" (maybe you've heard of her? She's awesome!) who taught me all about re-purposing my maternity clothes, so they are rather cute and not-tenty.

  2. I've never been pregnant, but some maternity clothes are the CUTEST! I always get disappointed when I see a cute item from a distance in target, and then get up close and learn it's from the maternity line. However, I do have a pair of jeans that I still wear from 8th grade..yup that's embarrassing!

  3. I have a couple of shirts that I've refashioned and wear. And I have a dress that is maternity, that I didn't touch and people always ask. Silly, but true. And Steph, boy are you lucky to still fit in those jeans! ;)

  4. As your personal fashion consultant I am very proud to hear you wearing pink and yellow together, lol! You're so daring! =P
    Um...yeah...I still cling to a lot of the maternity cami's...and especially the old navy maternity tanks...the bomb! And long enough too!

  5. Well, I was never one to shy away from the maternity clothes if I thought they were cute and didn't look ridiculous on non-pregnant me.

    But then I was rather embarrassed when my friend got pregnant and I had more maternity clothes (like 4 things) than she did!

  6. Funny thing...when I was shopping in there (actually pregnant) but my sis-in-law wasn't, but was coveting some of their darling clothes, the sales associate said that 70% of their clientele buys from there and they are NOT pregnant. Wear it with pride sister! It was DARLING!!

  7. Um, YES! My maternity clothes are the cutest clothes I own! :)

  8. Never been pregnant, but I have a couple things from the maternity section that I couldn't pass up. Cute is cute, right?

  9. I love this post! my entire outfit yesterday was something I wore while 9 months pregnant. Stretchy pants and a cute ruffle shirt. :)

  10. Funny that you posted this today. I just had an arguement with myself that I really should retire my favorite black sweater/jacket now that I am not preggo anymore. I decided to keep wearing it until it unravels!

  11. I still wear most of mine... they are comfy! (and sadly still fit... I didn't get much bigger while pregnant. but I was bigger to start with)

  12. I love to wear my maternity tanks and some tshirts. They are so long. I just can't give them up.

  13. Add me to the club ;) I have a long sleeve tee shirt that was my favorite when I was pregnant with Kam. It still happens to be a favorite of mine . . . 14 months later :)

  14. That is hilarious!

    You young mama's are spoiled with your cute maternity clothes. My first baby is 25 now ... you should have seen the maternity clothes back then. Oh my! My 10th baby is now 8 ... so it's been awhile for maternity clothes for this Mama.

    Loved your response ... yea, some store at the mall.

    :) :) :)

  15. Haven't been here in a LONG time...

    Me loves the British accent too. (By the way, I can't get enough of your craftiness, A.)

  16. I haven't visited in a long time...

    Me LOVES the British accent too. (By the way, I can't get enough of your craftiness, A.)

  17. Yah, I'm not pregnant and never have been but last christmas I was at my (much thinner) sisters house and feeling sick after eating and drinking so much junk. So I asked if I could look through her clothes from her fatter days and lo and behold, the maternity dress trousers. THE MOST COMFORTABLE yet stylish pair of dress trousers I have ever owned. I actually just bought a new pair today. I just hate it when my tummy goes over my trousers so the over the bump ones seem to keep everything in nicely. How pathetic am I? LOL Melanie


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