Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Flute Got Flushed...

I was all excited last week to give the kids a toy flute and harmonica to play with. After all, we are excellent parents providing our offspring with creative, mind enriching toys.

That flute was LOUD. VERY LOUD. It kept getting "lost" on top of the piano and on the highest shelf in the cupboard. Sad, very sad.

However, Bubbalu kept finding it and playing with it. And yes, the flute did get flushed down the toilet last week. It wasn't the ENTIRE flute, just a four inch mouthpiece that makes the remaining pieces of the flute...well...NOT like a flute.

More like a blue stick with holes in it.

And guess what?

It's a Mute Flute.

Yep, completely quiet. He can try and try to make it whistle, but nope, that thing is mute.

And I'm not ONE bit sad about it.

Fast forward a few days to 9:30 pm Saturday night. I'm busily scrubbing down the bathrooms in anticipation of hosting a family BBQ right after church Sunday morning. (What?!? Doesn't EVERYONE scrub their bathrooms at 9:30 on Saturday night? SUCH a life of luxury I lead...)

Scrub the toilet and flip the flush lever. And the toilet is hardly draining. It SLOOOWWWLLLLY finishes flushing and I remember that stupid flute mouthpiece.


Which leads to a 9:35 PM Saturday night phone call to my dad, "Uh, Dad, how do you take apart a toilet?"

And what does he say? "I'll be over in five."

Awww, thanks Dad!

Mom came along to witness the fun and helped me finish scrubbing the house. After we made a much needed Dairy Queen run for refreshments we reviewed the pics I'd snapped of the Toilet Flute Incident of 2010:

Dad pointing to the place where they found the flute mouthpiece:

And we've sealed our Classiest Neighbors on the Block status by using our FRONT LAWN as a toilet hosing out location:

Extra fertilizer, right?

I'm just glad it was dark:

After the whole thing was over my husband says to me, "Do you have ANY idea how disgusting it is to pick up poo with your hand?"


Did you REALLY just ask me that?

A. You got to wear gloves when you cleaned up poo

B. You got to haul the whole thing out the front door and hose it off. Can't really do that with the kids. Well, I COULD, but that's a little harsh.

C. I'm a Mama with two kids under 3, so yes, I DO KNOW what it's like to clean up poo with my hand...and it happens on an alarmingly frequent basis.

But, I've gotta give him props, he fixed our toilet!

I'm watching Bubbalu like a hawk around the toilet. Especially if he's been playing with musical instruments. I REALLY don't want to have to call my Dad at 9:30 at night explaining that his grandson flushed the harmonica, bongo drum AND maracas down the crapper...


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  2. You know, when my husband was taking off the toilet for the umpteenth time, I didn't think to point out how often I deal with other people's poop... But I'm still so glad that toilet repairs are his job I think I'll keep it to myself. I may feel a hair less guilty though!

  3. Not sure if I shred this with you before bu when we were in the 1 and 3 stage Grace flushed a hairbrush down the toilet and it actually made it through the toilet but got stuck int he outbound pipe in the yard. WE had to call the city to try and snake it from the road but that didn't work. We had remove the poop tube from the yard and fish it out. Exciting life of a mom with a 1 and 3 year old. I remember that time vividly so busy, so tiring,yet so wonderful!! You are a good mom Amanda! The two year age gap makes things very interesting.

  4. What a laugh! We have a baby gate to keep our nearly 2yr old out of the toilet - although I think he knows how to work it!

  5. My toddler stepped in cat poo today, and I didn't know until I shook her shoe while I was driving, trying to keep her awake.

    I don't want to talk about poo and hands. :)

    I'm a little jealous of your "mute flute" though.

  6. Oh gross... and funny! Yes, we mothers do have such adventures. Thanks for sharing yours :)

  7. Well...it isn't so bad your OWN kids....but ALSO you are a nurse...and that means you have been "picking up poo" from people you aren't related to.... ;) Try him with that line! :)
    Good story! :)

  8. hahahhahaha....that is too funny! No wonder your Dad was falling asleep after Sunday lunch! hahahahhaha


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