Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crafting Feeds My Soul...

The last three weeks in May were crazyness in our house. Bubbalu had a bad reaction to his anti-allergy medication and made him kinda crazy. OK, more than just kinda crazy. Most of you already know how mischievous my Bubbalu can be. He took it to whole new level. Which in turn makes Mama crazy. You know how it goes.

Finally figured out what was going on and my normal mischievous level little Bubbalu is back!

(Big breath.)

I also had coffee with an amazing mentor Mama who said to me , "Amanda, have you been doing any crafting the last few weeks?"

Uh. No.

"Honey, you NEED to be creating. It's what you do for YOU."


I'm one of those Just finish your work and THEN you can play kinda people. Worked great when I had, you know, a REAL job. However, when anyone asks me if I'm working I always say, "Why yes, I do work, harder than I've ever worked in my life. I'm a Mom". Problem is, my job IS NEVER DONE. Are you a Mom? Is YOUR job ever done? Nope.

There is always something to be done and I feel guilty indulging in my crafting/sewing/creating time.

But I was unhappy.

So, I made a choice. I chose to leave dishes out, laundry unfolded, papers left on the counter and bathrooms still needing a scrubbing and ran for the craft room.

My mentor Mama was right. Crafting feeds my soul. It always has. I've been gluing, cutting, sewing, crocheting, stitching, painting, drawing or designing my entire life. Just ask my Mom. It drove her crazy at times! Love you Mom. Thanks for putting up with me :)

I picked up my scissors, plugged in the glue gun and turned my sewing machine on. It's been GREAT to be back. I'm working on some super girly, bright, fun, polka dotty and ruffly accessories. They'll be in the Etsy shop soon.

So, what do you do for YOUR me time? Is it crafting and creating like me? Reading a book? Taking a nap? Exercise? Eating? (Oh wait, maybe that's just me. Yep, right next to my sewing machine you will find a red Fiesta Ware ramekin that is always full of Costco's Ambrosia Chocolate chips. You know. Just in case of a chocoholic attack.)

Seriously though, I'm curious what other Mama's do for their ME time.

Spill it...


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  1. For me it's scrap booking but I also do really enjoy a good sweat.

  2. thanks for this. i needed the reminder!

  3. I think we may be long lost sisters. I love to craft, but just don't have time for it anymore. Between homeschooling, bible studies, running to and from dance classes, and all the regulars {laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc. etc.} I can't find the time. Scratch that, I don't make the time. Because, you see, I'm a work first play afterward kinda gal too . . . and it just doesn't mesh when you're a mama because the work NEVER ENDS!

  4. I think that's my biggest problem right now, I really don't have anything for "me time". Our house is way to small for me to have a craft corner or anyplace I can set things out and leave them while the kids are awake, I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I'll stalk your comments for ideas... ;)

  5. I think everyone is a "work first, play later" type of gal...if not I don't think any of us would get anything done. I love crafting or playing piano (and blogging, of course). But as you know, with all the craziness adoption and a house remodel has brought into my life, I hardly have the time or the money to do anything that isn't fundraising-realted. One day...

  6. Zyrtec makes Elliot Crazy like crazy crazy. Try the Costco kids liquid it works great and there are no crazies to speak of. And knowing how much you love Costco you will probably find it easily.

  7. Totally understand the need for crafting!! I came to that decision recently as well. HAD to let the housework go to gain a little sanity...amaazing how good I felt after a few days in a row of crafting! :)

  8. I read on a blog somewhere "A clean house means a wasted life" and another blog (I wish I could remember the blogs for you - mama brain!) had a story about how a quilt holds lifelong memories for your children and that hard work keeping house won't be remembered.
    I have found that even 1/2 hour doing some stitchery after the kids are in bed and it is finally quite is enough to sooth the soul!

  9. We share the same sentiments! I have always tried to get work done and then have fun, but like you said, being a Mom never lets that happen. SO... for me time, I either go to the sewing machine, a good design magazine, or HGTV. These days, obviously, about to give birth, I do enjoy a nap as well! :)

    Thanks for the reminder to have me time! It truly is important.


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