Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Sassy Garden?

They are dirt cheap (pun completely intended) and serve a useful purpose. You need to know what things you planted where.

Yep, I'm talking about garden stakes.

But not your average garden stakes. Why NOT paint them? I DID have extra teal paint lying around feeling all lonely so paint them I did:

(Yes, I DO realize my garden stakes are freakishly tall. I have yet to wander out there with a rubber mallet to pound them deeper into the ground.)

Who says green beans can't be sassy?

Or the corn?

(OY, pitiful corn. Pretty sure we won't be hitting 'Knee-high by 4th of July')

What about a radish? I mean, it's kind of a zippy vegetable so it NEEDS a punchy color:

Now my sassy garden needs only one more thing.


Which we have been greatly deprived of so far this "summer". It's overcast and cloudy again today. Boo. Not what I ordered.

But hey, at least I can look out my window at my sassy garden...


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  1. Did you see mine before you did this? I SO can't remember. Cuz I did the same thing! Well...not EXACTLY the same...I stenciled words onto my stakes with teal paint. Great minds think alike?!?


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