Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sassy new Headbands in the Etsy Shop!

I finally was able to list some new fun headbands in the Vintage Dutch Girl ETSY shop. Just a little sprinkling of new products I've been having fun with.

A cluster blossom headband light teal and white:

A cluster blossom headband in sheer white and black floral print:

And a layered ruffly bright yellow headband:

There will be many more styles and colors to come so keep watching!



  1. Love love love the new headbands and the "teal obsession" from the above posts.

  2. I LOVE mine and wear it all the time. Did I mention that pink is MY neutral? ;) Ji Hyun LOVED one BTW...I was wishing I had one to gift to her. Maybe for her birthday. ;)


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