Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunshine Soaking...

Sunshine has been scarce in our parts. Lots and lots of days of gray and drizzle. I KNOW I live in the pacific northwest, but C'mon!

When the shy sunshine actually comes out I drop everything else and race outside to soak up some good ole Vitamin D.

Here's what I grab to head outside, summer sunshine-style:

Diet Coke on ice


Spray sunscreen (Seriously, if you haven't tried the spray yet, you SHOULD! Especially for kiddos. No more slathering for us!)


Ipod - Currently jiving to Allison Krauss


Pirate Booty....which Bubbalu stole and ate.

Beach towel

and one good craft project. Nothing like cutting/seam ripping/sewing in the sunshine.

Ooops! Speaking of sunshine, I see some right this moment.

See ya, I'm off to relax...


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