Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Professional Maxxionista Freezes Her Shoes...

I just put my shoes in the freezer.

I just got back from the TjMaxx and can I just say? I AM a Maxxionista! I wheeled my clothing laden shopping cart over to the fitting rooms and watched the lady's eyebrows hit her hairline. "You're going to try on ALL of those clothes?" she asked.

"Yep, what's the limit, six?" I asked.

"No, it's ten," she replied.

"Sweet! It'll only take me about five trips then!"

So I run into the room with my first batch of ten items and do some jedi-quick clothing try on's. I come back out to get the next batch of ten and the checker lady says,

"You have got to be the FASTEST clothing try on customer I've ever seen!" she exclaimed.

"I'm a PROFESSIONAL" I replied.

Except that I'm not sponsored to shop...yet.

Anywho, I noticed while zipping through the first batch of ten items that my feet had an, um...interesting scent. Meaning my feet were stinky. Upon further investigation I discovered that my SHOES were super yucky smelling. Blech.

Not cool. These are my uber-cute newish shoes that I'm wearing ALL.THE.TIME. This has to be fixed.

I googled and found this advice to freeze your shoes (each wrapped in a plastic bag) overnight and then let thaw out in the sunshine to remove the stink. Apparently the cold temperature kills the odor-causing bacteria and you have perfectly smelling shoes.

So, I did it. They're in my garage freezer in between a bag of last-years garden green beans and a package of eggos.

I'm thinking of submitting this stinky shoe remedy to the goofy guys over at 'Mythbusters'. Maybe they'll ask me to do a cameo on that episode. I don't care that the world will know that I have a stinky pair of shoes, I'll just make sure I get my hair and makeup done and get a new outfit before the cameras start rolling.

I'll keep you posted on the freezing the stinky shoes results soon. Any of you tried this before? Off to hang up my shopping treasures...


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  1. A-never tried the freezer trick! I found out that by wearing thin socks that cuts down or using a peppermint foot spray both on feet and shoes. I no longer have stinky feet and always wear socks well unless they are cute summer shoes.

  2. Curious if this actually works! I have some shoes who could use some de-stinkifying ;)

  3. and i'm curious just how long you are going to need to leave them in the freezer before you can actually put them IN THE SUN??? i'm heading to New Jersey. i can take them with me. they have sun.

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  5. I always love a new tip! Of course, Hubs' shoes are a petite size 14! But we have an extra freezer I can put them in . . . along with some old fish he caught and never cooked. On 2nd thought, maybe that's not a good combination!

  6. did it work? maybe i'm ousting [haha, like that room spray stuff?? anyone? bueller??] myself here, but i've been known to have funky feet every now and again. let us know! :)


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