Friday, July 9, 2010

Commenting and Stalking...Hello Out There!

I got together with a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate a dear friend's milestone birthday. (Really now, DO go on over to her lovely, hilarious and down-to-earth blog and shower her with some birthday blessings!)

Amongst the many many many things we chatted about, blogging, stalking and blog commenting was a huge topic of conversation being that the majority of the gals are bloghappy.

I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES I've been out and about getting groceries, picking up more Mr. Clean Magic Erasers or getting a Costco iced mocha to bump into someone who references something from my blog.

My usual reply is an astonished: "Oh!?! You read my blog!?! I had NO idea!"

Really now, it shouldn't be like that.

I LOVE to blog. I love to tell stories about my kids, share my crafts and sewing ideas and connect with friends, family and the blogisphere.

However, sometimes I feel a bit sad putting myself out there and getting a big fat zero response. Doesn't exactly encourage further posting. I know my site traffic...I have about a 2.5% response rate. Yes, that is a two followed by a POINT then a five. Not twenty five.

So, let's just put this out there: Why are people afraid to comment? What holds them back???

Ya know, way back when I started Vintage Dutch Girl I stalked a TON of blogs before timidly submitting my first comment. Then, once I had "declared" myself, it was a BLAST having conversations and building relationships with people I'd never met. Guess what? My bloggy buddies are very dear to me. They make me laugh. They make me smile. They give great advice. Most of them know RIGHT WHERE I AM...because they are RIGHT THERE TOO.

Think about it from this perspective. Say we are at a cocktail party (ya know, because I attend so very many cocktail parties that I am sick and tired of wearing my stunning LBB -Little black dress- and conversing with adults...) and we happen to be introduced:

"Hi, my name is Amanda, how are you?"


"I'm married to my high school sweetie and have two vivacious children that constantly provide me with laughter and help to teach me the fruits of the Spirit. Do you have any children?"


"My hobbies are crafting, sewing, painting...basically anything that involves creativity. I love to look at new fashion and try to recreate it by refashioning, altering and embellishing clothing. What about you???"

-----(crickets chirping)-----

You get the picture. So here's what I have to say:

1. Comments make my day. I love to hear what folks have to say. The more comments/response/feedback comes in the more I am inspired and encouraged to continue to blog. Comments make me smile. :) See? Big smile!

2. If you've been stalking me for awhile, say HI! I like to meet people! Let's chat, m'kay? I'm really not scary. Promise. Unless I'm dieting and you have Tostitos Queso cheese and tortilla chips. Then I'll straight-up right hook ya, grab the food and run.

3. YES, I realize that sometimes commenting just isn't possible. I fall off the commenting wagon frequently. Usually because I'm holding a 3yr old away from (once again) hitting the master power switch and zapping my computer or trying to convince the 18 month old that USB cables are NOT an item that we need to be chewing on.

So, whatcha got to say? I know you have thoughts bubbling inside. Share a word or two...


Please feel free to link/reference/quote this post on your blog...all I ask is that you link appropriately back to VintageDutchGirl.

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  1. so I've been stalking you for a while... love your blog... love everything about it... keep going... I am in Israel, have 2 children and a baby gift business... mynooly(dot)com
    come visit my blog too!!!

  2. I find out everyday about more people IRL that read my blog and never comment either. Totally know where you are coming from! How are you enjoying that heat wave out there?

  3. You are in my reader and I adore you. Although I think your only recent comment on my blog has been to enter a contest. So our cocktail party convo would go-

    Me: My kids are super cute
    You: silence
    Me: Oh my goodness, my kids are driving me nutso now
    You: silence
    Me: Did you see how skinny I am in my new Spanx suit?

    ok so maybe not that last part ;)

  4. I've been a loooongtime lurker, and I think I've commented a few times? BUT I'm a terrible commenter. I know. My normal routine is to click a blog, giggle/sigh/swoon (depending on the blog's subject matter), and click off. I reeeeally need to comment more.

    (And also? Have less coffee in the mornings so I don't leave long rambling comments when I actually DO comment.)


    My blog is if you wanna stop by!

  5. So....I'm a stalker. Nice to meet you.
    I don't have a blog yet. I'm just learning to be crafty from blogs I read...including yours. Thank you!!!
    I'm a mom to four wonderful children...8,5,3 and 1.
    I married my highschool sweetheart.
    I live in Canada.
    Thank you for your inspiring posts. I look forward to all your posts!


  6. Hi Shelley! So nice to meet you! You have FOUR kids? You must be a BUSY Mama! I'll take any advice you have to give :)

    You up in B.C? I live about 2 minutes from B.C. No joke!

  7. Okay, okay! It's been a long time since I've left a comment :) I've honestly forgotten at times that I even have a blog. Probably not too good. I love jumping over and skimming your blog, because lil miss is almost two, into everything and says, "NO!" like every five minutes of the day. But, you already know how that is ;) If we were friends IRL . . . I would be the one that got too busy to call for several weeks, but when I did . . . it would be just like old times and we never skipped a beat. Love your stories!

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm one of your stalkers! I know what you mean though, I love comments on my blog and I do try to comment on others blogs, but I follow so many. I know, no excuse and so not nice!
    So, let me tell you, your blog is one of my favorite blogs to read. I always love to see what you're up too! I'll try not to be a stranger since you made me crawl out from under my rock! lol!
    So, stop by and visit me sometime.
    You're new friend~Songberries

  9. Hi, I'm a stalker...
    I have one 11 year old step-daughter and a 1 month old son who was born 3 months early. So...I spend a lot of time surfing the internet in the NICU these days. I have no idea where you work but I am at the UW and was secretly hoping I'd see you in L and D. :) I love your sewing creativity!

  10. I love your blog - I'm a grammie from Orlando who loves to see your loving cheerful posts about your children and your oh so crafty ideas! Your fruit of the spirit shine right on through your posts - please keep up the great work.

  11. I am so DEFINITELY a blog stalker. But then you made my wedding hair accessories, so I have (at least in my mind) made you my virtual friend.

  12. A, I don't count because I haven't even been here in such a long time! (Did you like my crazy-long comment I sent to you a couple months ago?)

    So funny that J eats paint * I can't go back to regular sunscreen after converting to "sprayscreen" several years ago * I like TJMaxx too * the new outdoor chairs are lovely * and I love the new Etsy additions. The kiddos are as cute as ever too!

  13. I'm a stalker. I have been for a long time now. I try and comment here an there, but I know I am horrible at it. =) I think the biggest reason (here's my excuse...) Is I read in google reader and I am too lazy to click over to the blog and comment. That and I read a lot of blogs and some days trying to keep up with them is time consuming enough! So anyways... I love your blog and all your fun projects! And your stories about bubbalu crack me up!

  14. Wait...I HAVE commented here, right? I'm just not a fantastic conversationalist :)

  15. Hi Amanda

    I'm the queen of blog stalking and never commenting, but I'm making an acception for you ;)
    I actually found your blog through your sister's blog (whose grade I was in school at LC).
    Love your blog and all your creative outlets, keep them coming!


  16. i've been following you for a while but i usually read blogs while i'm nursing my son so even if i wanted to i cant leave comments. i left the page open so i would remember to leave a comment when he was sleeping.
    my son is 8 months, i also have a daughter who will be 3 in sep.
    i love to all sorts of creative stuff and reading blogs. i started a blog recently and then i realized i would rather use the little free time i have to read others blogs then write my own, so for now i have abandoned it.
    i really enjoy reading your blog.
    thanks for putting up all your wonderful ideas and inspiration!

  17. This is my first time visiting----and I wouldn't dare stalk after reading your thoughtful post! I just started my blog---literally two days ago---and I felt giddy when I received comments. Like, run and show my husband excited. So, I think my stalking days are over now!

  18. I HAVE commented before, but only rarely, so I felt the need to comment here. :)

    I'm terrible about commenting on blogs, mostly because by the end of a long day (when I usually catch up on blogs) my brain has turned to mush and I find it difficult to think of anything intelligent to say. ;)

    (Sarah Hays)

  19. I guess I stalk more than I comment, in my defense I also have 2 kids, 2yr and 4yr old boys, life is crazy and usually I barely have time to look at the blogs I love let alone leave comments on all of them.
    BUT I do love your blog and look forward to your posts!

  20. Love checking your blog A! You are such a great writer and so darn crafty and creative :) Not quite sure how you do it with 2 kiddos, but keep it up girly!

  21. WOW... this is the 22nd comment. Hope you're happy now! :) I started blogging a couple months ago, and I too get super excited at every comment! And then I feel like a loser with no friends when nobody comments. So... I promise to comment on your blog more often, if you promise to go look at mine. :)

    Oh, and thank you for making me laugh. Your kids are hilarious, you are super-crafty woman, and you give me courage to someday make friends with the sewing machine that lives up in our bonus room.

    There ya go... a loooong comment. Lucky girl. :)

    Michelle (Groen) Spencer :)

    P.S. My email a few months ago re: the flower pins... I picked some up at Grandiflora, and they've been everywhere from knit hats, to shirts to my hair. So cute. :)

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. lol. I love comments too but they just don't seem to happen that often either. AH well I don't let it bother me too much. But here is MY comment ♥♥

    Love and hugs and if you EVER have a little spare time, come visit me and please...LEAVE A COMMENT hahalol ;)

  24. I love your blog and have thought about commenting several times... but I either forget my password or get distracted or think for too long about what to say or I am just too lazy to click over from google reader. :) Love you and your adorable kiddos!

  25. It's funny because Mer and I were just talking about this and thought about re-visiting the blog courtesy subject. I think my percentage is worse than yours - more like 1%. Entirely frustrating. (I've even considered just turning them off. I'd waste a lot less time checking email.)

  26. Just linked from Moriah's blog...and I AGREE! Great post, great thoughts, and hopefully you've motivated folks to action. {Hopefully}.

    By the way, I'm going to follow your blog...because I LIKE you! :-)

  27. Compared to mine, 2.5% is pretty good, so I know how you feel! Somehow in the middle of caring for my kiddos I try to find time to leave comments as much as I can!

  28. Another blog stalker... i found your blog because of your (I think) brother-in-law, Jason, who is in our small group and lives down the street from me. Sallie takes care of my dog and we walk by their house basically every night. I like to sew and do enjoy seeing all your projects. So keep up the good work!

  29. WOW! So how I feel about the people that say they read my blog YET they never comment! How do I know that they actually read the blog if they don't comment! I found your blog via Mer at Life at 7000ft through Moriah at Pass the Salt...I will follow and comment! Thanks for sharing your heart!

  30. Hey Amanda,

    I think it has been forever since I commented, if ever :). I do love reading and seeing the little kiddos growing up. I still can't get over how big Jude has gotten. It doesn't seem like UW was that long ago, but then I see him and realize how time flies.

    We just had our son Nolan in May and I am adjusting to life as mom now. It is the best thing ever. I hope you guys are doing well! I would love to catch up with Lance too and see how things are going with him. I am working on a blog too, but it is mainly just pictures so far.

    I will try to comment more :) Keep it up,

  31. Hi! I've also been stalking for awhile and I adore your blog! I too am a nurse and a momma of a toddler so I never comment. But I do love your blog and visit often! :)

  32. this is my 1st time reading your blog, but i've felt the same way!! tons of people tell me they read my blog, but i get very few comments :( one thing i love is that blogger just started a "stat" tab. would have never guessed that i average 80-100 page views a day!

  33. I read your blog all the time and probably have never left a comment! Sorry!! I don't even know how I came across it but I love it!!! : ) Live in Michigan, by the way.

  34. I found this link from Moriah's blog - I may be using it in a post in the nearer future, I do wish I knew who was out there reading my blog.

    I'm adding your blog to my follow list - I have five, ages 9, 8, 7, 6, and 3!!!

  35. I don't know if I've commented on yours before or not Amanda! But I do keep fairly updated on your blogs as they are so fun to read! :) I probably tend to comment on facebook more than blogs as I don't have any kind of "user identity" and most blogs won't let me comment, but since you have the "anonymous" option, I can! Woo hoo! Keep up the good work! Love hearin' about mischevious Bubbalu and sweet lil' Chick. :) I can relate all too well! :) -Brandi Bailey

  36. so i'm not exactly a stalker, i've commented a couple of times, but i'll introduce myself. hi, i'm brandi =D from tales of a domestic goddess... new to the bloggy world, but before i even started my blog i read yours. i love your sense of humor and your post about your kids, why? i too have 2 little rotten ones. oh how silly they are! =) don't be a stranger!

  37. Hi there. I added your button in my blog because I'm a stalker! LOL. I love your blog. ;-)

  38. Ha!! Very funny post about an issue that obviously means a lot to you! I have a good excuse!!! It is my first time to your blog! I was blog hopping and found it from your comment on diaper diaries about stressful family vaca!! Hope to continue reading great posts!

  39. Yes, I stalk you, but I think you knew that. I just didn't want to NOT comment and leave you wondering if I didn't love you anymore. Don't worry, nothing like that is going on.

    I think you are fabulous and stylish and I can't wait till we can hang out for more than three minutes in the doctor's waiting room. Ya know, if summer would ever stick around for more than three days at a time! :)

  40. i stalk and i'm not ashamed of it! thanks for joining me in celebrating my 40th-it was a better party because you were there! love,love, love u!

  41. I love love loved this post!! So true for me as well-- I love it when people comment and respond, and am so bummed when I hear nothing back after pouring out my heart! Way to go!
    Kathryn (a fellow blogger, nurse, and follower of Christ!!)

  42. Hi Amanda, this is Dede - I probably haven't seen you since high school, but I found your blog via my friend Lisa's blog. When I need a break from work I do a bit of blog surfing and yours is always included, it's fun to read your stories about your kids and your crafting! Oh and I think this is the first comment I've ever left on a blog :)

  43. Hey! I started following you after I saw your painted blue piano. I was very impressed with how brave you were to a)pick a big project b) paint it such a vibrant color. (That was you, right?)

    I leave comments for you fairly regularly; I love your refashions. Show me more!!!!
    I've been feeling down about comments on my blog lately too. I'm a working mama of 3, so my blog isn't a huge priority, but I do put myself out there with very little response. I'm glad to see you are getting some stalker's to come out of thier comfort zone!

  44. Okay miss Amanda...I am Commenting. I love your blog and your sassy, funny & creative way of writing it. I love to hear the funny things your kids do & your honesty about it (some may try to hide some of the naughtier things our children do). Your love for your kids, your hubby, your Lord & your passions are transparent in your blog. Keep up the great work & I will try and leave more comments.


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