Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a Bloomin Sofette...

I did it again.

I found another amazing piece of furniture that would look so very grand in my bland home:

Normally people buy boring furniture and buy sassy pillows, but NO, this Battersea Sofette in Bloom is the embodiment of sassy. It needs a few boring pillows to normalize and stabalize it. I'm thinking it would look great in my living room opposite of my chocolate brown couch.

Too bad it's just a tad out of my budget...


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  1. I love it...but it's WAY out of my price range. Some super smart DIY chick could probably duplicate it for a fraction of the price. But I'm not that girl.

  2. that would be perfect for a sun room to sit and drink your morning coffee on!:)

  3. Ok so I guess in all fairness I've never been IN your home but I've seen pictures and it seems FAR from bland. BUT that couch is awesome:)

  4. Love the fabric, don't love it on a love seat. Isn't a sofette that board under your window? Anywho...I would love it in a chair I think, maybe you could whip one of those up for us to look at too Amanda?? Amy S.


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