Friday, July 23, 2010

Poppy Crops?

I could be mistaken, but I'm fairly certain I saw these Poppy Crops on a thrift store rack a few weeks ago:

And these Bed of Roses Crops on the same rack:

I KNEW I should have bought them and sold em on Ebay.

Doh! Mental head slap...



  1. Hmmmmm...I'm now convinced that Anthropologie can sell anything if they spin it right.

  2. I seriously just laughed out loud! :)

  3. Wait... are you actually suggesting that these are considered "in style" right now?!? Dang, I've never been so happy to be un-trendy in my life. Well, at least since 1993.

  4. wear these bad boys while you're sitting on the sofa below (which,btw,is SOOOO cool!)and you'd be one big flower patch!

  5. I am SO sorry I had to see these. Hey, I know, go check grandma's closet...I bet she has some crappy poppies! Amy S.

  6. U.G.L.Y! The print is kinda weird, but someone could wear it well. But why oh why are pleats coming back in? Pleats are not our friends - they frump-i-size everyone.


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