Thursday, August 5, 2010

Black Edged Ruffle Tank ReVamp...

I'm digging black edged ruffles right now. They have a lovely vintage Paris (the city, not the socialite) feel about them. Any idea what I'm talking about?

Here are some examples:



And this vintage sassy little number from Etsy:

Feeling all inspired I quickly ran up into my closet and grabbed a new but boring basic white ribbed tank:

Wallyworld. I think it was only 4 bucks. Thicker than the Old Navy ones. They seem to hold their shape pretty well and are nice and long. Perfect.

As soon as the kiddos were napping/quiet time I ran to the craft room and eventually came up with this:

However I though it needed a little extra sumpin' sumpin' I accessorized:

Ahhhh, MUCH better!

Things that are making me laugh about this photo:

A. the ducky peeking out from behind my tush.

B. The fact that I'm all dressed up on the top....with capri workout pants on the bottom!

C. My Hair. Pulled back and clipped up, with a huge yellow headband holding the massive stringiness away from my face. Quote from Bubbalu this morning, "Mommy your hair is big today". True story.

D. I took this picture with my CHIN. Yep, my face. My face took this picture. Loving my new iPhone4. It has many many features. But certainly, CERTAINLY someone could figure out how to do a vocal pic cue, right? Or maybe I'm just not cool enough to know about the vocal pic cue app. Does it exist? If so, please clue me in!

This black edged ruffle stuff is very fun. I'm thinking I'll attack a few more shirts before I switch the thread out of my serger because HELLO is that an ordeal.

Goodness gracious it has been FAR too long since I posted anything personally sewn by me. Tutorial coming soon, stay tuned!


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  1. LOVE it! That is SO so cute! (First thing I saw was the duckie too ;)
    You've just inspired me...except that I don't have a serger...sooooo!!! Thinkin' I MAY (no commitment yet) have you make me one with TEAL edges. =D Whattaya think? Sassy frassy!

  2. Very cute! The duckie adds a nice touch too.

  3. that is SO cute! love that you are all to-the-nines hanging out in the bathroom with the rubber ducky. love that tee!

  4. SUPER your talented ideas....I may just come shopping in your closet!

  5. Oh girl, you crack me up! It's a great project, and I'm again, in awe of your craftsmanship. Love the glizted up version too, lol. :)


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