Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lil Chick's Room Redo In Progress...

A LONG time ago I posted about wanting to redo Lil Chick's room. Well, about a month ago I started painting and last week we started nailing boards to the wall.

Trust me, it's prettier than it sounds.

A recovering 3 yr old, a puking 1 yr old and Mama being woken up 3 times a night to administer medicine and soothe kids back to sleep has resulted in ssssllllloooooowwwww progress. However we are taking baby steps and see the end in sight.

Oh, you want a sneak peak? Here ya go:

I'm getting excited for it to be done! I still have a bunch of projects up my sleeve to do but Lil Chick probably wouldn't mind having her room back sooner rather than later. She slept in the pack n play in Bubbalu's room while I was painting. THAT was interesting, to say the least. A very effective lesson in patience!

Off to do some sanding and priming...


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  1. Were you intentionally being mysterious with the picture? I can't tell what it the pink new or old? What are those stripes? I am confused and am going to take a nap now...;-) AJS

  2. Was I seriously just at your house without a peek at this re-do? I'm so bummed!!! Really excited to see (in person) what you've done up there!!!


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