Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Let's do some housecleaning!


Let's do some cleaning out of the draft folder instead. That's WAY more fun:

Saw my kids excellent pediatrician at Costco today but hid from him so he wouldn't see the 10lb bag of chocolate chips, sweet potato fries or hot n' spicy wings packages in my shopping cart...


I'd completely forgotten how messy a twenty month old can be while eating.

You know it's getting pretty bad when instead of choosing foods based on their nutritional value I'm choosing foods based on their "scratch off the wood floor with a thumbnail" rating.


My take on the annual, held-in-my-small-town Fair:

I don't love crowds. I get crabby at people who walk slowly and then stop in the middle of a walkway forcing everyone to walk around them. However, since I am now one of "those Mom's" who push a gargantuan double-wide Bob stroller around I fully realize I am now part of the crowd problem. My penchant for speed walking and whipping around people with the double-wide Bob doesn't help. I'm pretty sure I startled eighteen or so peoples, whom surely though that there was an emergency or free Poffertjes giveaway that I was rushing towards.


Not in the draft folder but blogworthy news: Christmas has arrived at Costco. Yes, I already purchased a roll of sassy Christmas wrapping paper. I'm thinking this might be the year that I actually have all my shopping done and wrapped before December. 

Anyone with me on this one???


Thanks for providing me with an excuse to ditch the housework. Blogging is much more exciting than scratching crusty dried food off my wood floor with my thumbnail...


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  1. Poffertjes? Really? Vintage Dutch is really vintage Dutch then? Wow, dat is gezellig! ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh....you so ARE a speed-demon with a beastly stroller! I {almost} forgot about my days chasing after you while window shopping at U-Village! =) HAHAHAHA! Hubs never understood why I came home saying I got a great work out when all we did was shop =) ....It's been too long!

  3. Ha, ha, ha...we're about to purchase our first BOB and your description was perfect. That's exactly how I think I'm going to feel. And, nope, don't think I'll get my christmas shopping done before December but that also made me laugh! :)


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