Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Hair Has Me All Ferklempt...

I just broke the super sharp upper slicing blade off my serger.

Stupid pin. Yup, I forgot about a hidden pin and let it go through the serger. Not a good plan.

The upper chunk of the blade flew off into a pile of unrolled yellow ribbon on my sewing counter with the sound of Julie Andrews singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the background. Do I need to wear safety goggles when sewing? Maybe.

Been searching online for an inexpensively priced blade replacement. Bah!

I'm feeling a little off today. I think I know why. I'm wearing my hair in a side messy bun and I think my brain's confused. Too much pressure and tension on one side of the head has my neurons misfiring and synapses all askew.

I think I'd better switch sides half way through the day. I wouldn't want to start walking sideways or anything.

That's it. The messy side bun has me all ferklempt today.

Yup, I'm blaming it on my hair.

+ 2 bonus points if you know the definition of 'ferklempt' and have used it appropriately in a sentence within the last two weeks.

+5 bonus points if you have used the word 'Ferklempt' today.

+35 points if you can sing the chorus to Craig Morgan's song 'International Harvester' by heart along with me.

+1,247 points if you can tell me what these points are for.

Told ya I was ferklempt...


p.s. you win the point game if you actually clicked over and sang with the video. Tell me, did anyone click over?

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  1. You and your cute hair need to get yourself down for a visit, that's what I think! That and I think "ferklept" is a made up word. What are the points for? Hit 5,000 and you get a free headband? Hit 10,000 and I get to go on vacation with you? ;) Just a thought!

  2. Love that Craig Morgan song, but don't know all the words. Too bad, otherwise I could have scored big time!! ;) (can you tell I was hoping the points would qualify me for my own re-upholstered chair complete with fabric of my choice??) Hope everything is back in order tomorrow!

  3. That is one SWEET version of "International Harvester"... you are hilarious!

  4. Clicked over, AND let my kids listen AND posted to my fb page. Shazam! AJS

  5. "Overwhelmed" ?? Never used it, but when I find out what it really means I'll add it to my mental dictionary (whatever that is worth?)


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