Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ugly Mangly Chair Gets a Makeover...

So I ran through our local thrift store last week and gasped when I saw this ugly mangly old chair.
I gasped because HELLO POTENTIAL!!! And for only $8 it was a STEAL. I all but dove for it and threw it in my cart, giving the ole hairy eyeball to anyone having the audacity to look at it sitting contentedly in my shopping cart. I've seen many upholstered little chairs for well over $100 at various stores. Lil Chick was anxious to sit on it but I refused to let her hiney touch that chair in its slubby state.

Fast forward three days. I've already ripped off and thrown away the previous disgusto upholstery fabric and purchased some pretty decor weight fabric, button kits and cording. My weapon of choice is a compression powered staple gun and I've got the craftin itchies. I told my hubby to keep the kidlets out of the living room and went to work:

New fabric covering cording and new padding:

Working on the back of the chair:

Only a SHORT time later (OK OK it took me six hours) I have a cute upholstered chair to adorn Lil Chick's new bedroom:

I FINALLY let her sit her hiney on it:



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  1. ADORABLE!!! My parents have a little chair that is all beat up. I think I need to take it back (I bought it years ago for my younger siblings when they were little) and redo it. Think it can be done with a staple gun?

  2. So cute! And perfect size for her little heiney!

  3. THIS. IS. AMAZING! I'm all revved up to do the same with two not-so- nice-looking-anymore chairs that I have. Something tells me it's not as easy as you made it look though. Great job.

  4. This is adorable and so is your little angel. and Hey... it matches her pants!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is so stinkin cute! You did an awesome job!!!!


  6. Wow, that's as cute as can be. The fabric you found is great - it looks like it matches your daughter's jammies :).


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