Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dorothy and a Swordless Pirate Distracted Me...

We interrupt this Plaid Flannel Party to present you wit
h the following concerns:

-Amanda's been too stinkin busy with cranky high energy kiddos that she doesn't have much free time.

-She also was a single parent all last week and grossly miscalculated the need for R and R after the loooonng days. (R and R is roughly translated as: Watching TV and Eating Cookies.)

-Um, hello, the church Harvest Party is tonight. Yep, TONIGHT. Missed the memo on that one when planning the sad Plaid Flannel Party. So yes, I've been busily trying to fit in outfit creating during my gobs of spare time. I promise I won't send my kids to the party half dressed (maybe).

-I invited some people over for the express purpose to motivate me to clean the house. It worked. And when the cleaning bugs are finally, belatedly biting, I don't ignore them. I let them keep on biting and enjoy the rewards of (finally having) a clean house.That means crafts and blogging go on the back burner. Not my favorite place for them. I prefer my front right super industrial fast boil burner to be loaded up with crafting and blogging and my piddly slow simmer burner to be laden with the housework.


-I'm so scatterbrained and ferklempt I didn't even finish this post. We are now back home from the harvest festival with one tired out Lil Dorothy:

And sadly, my best photo of my swordless pirate:

There was no way on God's green earth that I was going to willfully hand a sharp weapon over to my boy. Not with his track record.

Sad picture, huh? I'll have to wait for all the Grandma's and Aunties to send me better pics of the kiddos when we did the "Look at how cute they are in their costum
es!" show-off circuit around town before the harvest festival.

I had a riot making their costumes. SUCH fun. I decided to make many of the pieces adjustable for future hours of dress up playtime

I may have gotten a little carried away with all the costume fun. Dorothy DID wear ruffle butt bloomers in The Wizard of OZ, right?

These bloomers are stinkin cute and rather easyish to make. I think she might need one in every color.

Hmmmm, maybe in PLAID with a tutorial so I can get back to my sad Plaid Flannel Party???


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  1. That is so awesome that you made those costumes! Love the bloomers! ADORABLE!

  2. Love the costumes! And I've been looking forward to your plaid creativity all week! Can't wait to see what else you have in store! I'm hoping that maybe you'll show us how you made that cute plaid flannel scarf you have posted on Etsy?? Too cute!

  3. They DO look pretty stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself (in my possibly-biased opinion)!!! =)

  4. Uber talented, as usual, my dear. I haven't been here in AGES. CUTEST DOROTHY EVER.


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