Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Longer Pasty Hasty Cabelas Shopping...

Many people asked if I had a major meltdown/hissy fit/freak out session when we found out we missed our flight by one minute.

Nope, not me.

Why? Because I knew that this was in my near future:

So with an uncharacteristically calm manner we waited our seven extra hours in the airport.

My selfless husband recognized his wife's need for a sanity break and watched movies in the condo room while the kids rested/napped while I got to spend a good two to three hours every afternoon by the pool.

Or maybe he was sick of seeing me so pasty and pale. Either way, this woman feels muchly rested and rejuvenated.

Selfless husband also knew we would be paying a visit to the hunter's mecca, Cabelas:

The kidlets and I decided to have a snack (nope, NOT an ostrich burger) while waiting for daddy to finish trying on eighteen pairs of hiking boots. A snack for Mommy mean a nice huge glass bottle of starbucks mocha frapp thankyouverymuch.

If anyone wants to do their early Christmas shopping for me at Cabelas (Hint, MOM AND DAD) here is my short list of approved merchandise:

THIS, with THIS installed in it and THIS attached to it.

See? I'm such a nice daughter I provide easy peasy Christmas shopping lists. Hurry up, if you order now you can get FREE SHIPPING!!!



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  1. We don't take out loans for Christmas gifts. Mom

  2. HAHA! You are hilarious! If that is the Cabela's in Phoenix, I've been there! My sister and her family live in that area. Good times. And if you end up getting the gifts, I want to be invited to take a ride sometime when I'm in WA. :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time in AZ...What an awesome hubby you have to allow you those 2-3 hrs in the afternoon so you could soak up some rays! Now, let's see if this comment will post...

  4. Yay, it worked!!! Whatever it was is hopefully fixed. I wasn't able to comment on any blogs for the past couple of days!


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