Sunday, October 24, 2010

Plaid Lampshade Recovering Tutorial...Plus Giveaway!

Welcome to Plaid Flannel Party week! Let's get started on the Plaid Flannel goodness:

Hello there, meet my friend Uglampo:

He's a lamp shade and he's kinda ugly. He doesn't really fit in very well with our bedroom decor. (No, that face is not for reals. Hello photo software stickers, I love you).

Uglampo's twin brother Uglampi did not sign the media and press waiver so we are unable to post pictures of him. We deeply apologize.

Sadly, (OK, not too sad for me) we need to say buh-bye to Uglampo. He needs an extreme makeover....but needs so much work that his former identity will be null and void. New identity, here we come!

Lay Uglampo on your chosen piece of fabric (PLAID! CHOOSE PLAID!) and while rolling the lampshade cut out the basic shape of the lampshade with a good 2 - 3 extra inches all around:

You'll end up with a piece as shown below and your Uglampo will end up with motion sickness. Perfect.

Put a dab of glue (I used my hot glue gun because it's fast and easy) where each of the arrows is pointing and lay your Uglampo on it, being sure to smooth out any wrinkles or folds. Glue small 3-4 inch sections on the lamp edge and roll along your fabric to attach it. Do NOT be afraid to quickly rip off sections of misshapen, folded and rolled on fabric before the glue fully dries and redo them so they lay smooth.* AHEM*.

Uglampo is feeling a bit dizzy after all this rolling and gluing going on...but he's looking FAB:

Where the two edges of the fabric meet, glue one side all the way down flat against the lamp. On the remaining edge, fold the raw edge under and glue it down forming a smooth line with no raw edges showing. Think about wrapping a present and tucking the ragged edges on the bottom under forming a smooth folded line. Same thing. Clear as mud, right?

Cut slits into the top extra fabric where any lamp hardware is attached to the outer rim. I had three metal bars to work around so I cut three slits:

(Hee hee, those scissor photo stickers are making me giggle )

Glue along the inside edge of the lampshade and tuck the fabric in leaving a smooth edge. Then trim off the excess fabric:

(Why yes, I DO realize I'm overdoing the use of photo stickers. Let me have my fun)

And there you go, you are DONE. I really can't believe I turned such a rather simple project into a post this long.

Meet Plaidlampo:

Ain't it a cutie pie?



And you betchyourbuns I'll be ripping that plaid flannel off and recovering those lampshade anytime I am the least bit sick of them.

Looking at that picture makes me want to restain those tables....and spray paint the lamp bases....and stencil a quatrefoil pattern on the wall. You get the general idea. Anywho...

OK, giveaway time!

Up for grabs is this teal, purple, pink and black plaid blossom pin...because sometimes a full plaid shirt/skirt/dress/coat is just too. much. plaid. This gives you just a nibble of plaid to accentuate an otherwise dull outfit:

Please don't ask me why a fiery glowing pumpkin is peeking out from the right side of the blossom pin. I won't have an answer for ya.

Oooo, I have an idea...

That's better.

Giveaway Rules:

1. LEAVE ME A COMMENT telling me what outfit/article of clothing you'd use this sassy pin.

2. Earn another entry by FOLLOWING ME via the Google Friend Connect Follow Me doodad located on the right sidebar and LEAVE ME ANOTHER COMMENT telling me you just signed up or already DO follow Vintage Dutch Girl.

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6. STILL need some more entries? Whew...OK. Earn another entry (if you're still counting, that's up to FIVE) by blogging about, facebook posting, or tweeting about this giveaway (with links added in to spread the fun!) and LEAVE ANOTHER COMMENT telling me you did so.

7. OK, last one, I promise. GRAB THE Plaid Flannel Party BUTTON located on the top right side of the blog and post it on your blog to spread the news during this Plaid Flannel Party week and LEAVE ME ANOTHER COMMENT telling me you did so.

(Sorry, but for shipping reasons, this contest is only open to residents of USA and Canada)

*why so many entry possibilities? I want to say THANK YOU to those who read and follow along with my blabberings and projects!*

I will leave the contest open until THIS FRIDAY, October 29th, 10 PM PST at which time I will select a winner through and post the results.

Remember!!! You do NOT have to run a blog or have a google/gmail account to enter. Just click in as anonymous and make sure you tack your first name and email on the bottom of your comment so I can contact you if you win. Enter to win and join the fun!


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  1. Love the plaid lamp shade! I'm looking forward to keeping up with the plaid party this week. I live vicariously through you, as I don't have the creative mojo you possess. :)

    Oh, and I'd wear that cute lil plaid pin to jazz up my khaki coat.

  2. Hmmmm, I'd wear it with a white shirt, jeans, and hot pink pumps. Big surprise there, I know. :)

  3. Thanks for the shade revamp. That looks easy!

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets silly with Photoshop... :)


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