Friday, October 8, 2010

Rolled Fabric Flower Autumn Wreath...(with a lazy tutorial!)

Why yes, yes I did make a new Autumn wreath last year.

And yes, yes I did discover another Autumn wreath I'd made the year before and had forgotten about.

And yes, rather than find a ladder to retrieve either one of those Autumn wreaths from the tippy top shelf in the garage, I went ahead and made another.

Because I'm lazy like that. And I'll take any excuse to craft instead of wash dishes.

Yep, that makes THREE.

Three Autumn wreaths because one is not enough and two is boring. That makes ZERO sense so just go with me here and let me try to rationalize my crafting mkay?

I had a plain grapevine wreath on my door and it needed some sassy fallification.

Enter glue gun, rolled fabric flowers and a woman on a craftin' (dishes avoiding) mission:

Ahhhhh, MUCH better!

Wanna make your own? OK, I'm not going to go ahead and redo a long rolled fabric flower tutorial because there may be eleventy hundred great ones out in crafty blogland as this very moment.

Sweetened Condensed Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial:
A long strip of fabric, knot at one end, twist and roll fabric around knot gluing periodically. Thereyougo.

Sweetened Condensed Rolled Flower Autumn Wreath Directions:

Um, take your many coordinating (or not, just wing it like I did) rolled fabric flowers in varying sizes and glue them to a grapevine wreath. Hang it wherever you want it. Take pictures and blog about it and my ultra-fab super explanation tutorial (optional).

Happy Autumn!


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  1. Just saw one of these on Tatortots & Jello...LOVE! I'm now officially jealous of your entire front porch. =D

  2. Very pretty, I love the lace flower!

  3. I love anything with rolled flowers! Very cute!!!

  4. This is adorable! I need to try one!

  5. I love the color combo and variety of fabrics. It's a beauty!

  6. Also just saw this on Tatertots & Jello and was immediately drawn to it! So simple yet so chic. I love that you used other materials than just fabric to make some of the flowers. very unique. love it.

  7. This is sooo cute!!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft


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