Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Cascade of Ruffles and Baby Poo Walls..

I've loved my white waffle weave shower curtain for the good past five years or so that I've owned it.

Last week, all of a sudden, I was convinced it was horrid and boring and needed replacing...NOW. The truth is, I shrunk it in my dryer some months (probably a year) ago and it bugs me that my shower is wearing Capri's.

Not a great look.

Using what was lying around and finally acting on some creative thoughts that have been zinging around my brain the last year or so I came up with something new.

Something to replace my (as of two weeks ago) perfectly fine white waffle weave shower curtain.

A canvas cascade of ruffles shower curtain:

I left the edges unfinished. I'm digging the french rustic look:

Disclaimer: I'll probably change my mind faster than you can say "Your Capri-length white waffle weave shower curtain was fine".

One problem. One HUGE problem. Next to my rustic french ruffle shower curtain the bathroom walls and ceiling now look like they were smeared in two week old baby poo:

And although I'd say that there is no better room in the house than a mudroom bathroom to have the color of baby poo smeared on the walls, I'm getting the painting twitchies.

Some of my fave's:

Behr's Nurture:

Behr's Sage Tint:

RH's Atmosphere Blue. I like how it pairs with a lighter beige in this picture:

Opinions on paint colors anyone? Because the baby poo smeared walls NEED. TO. GO.



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  1. I love this post and your new Shower Curtain, I recently became bored with my White Terry cloth shower curtain so I relate! (I've gone with a ticking kinda look) Anyway, your detail on the paint color is hilarious ... it's not just Baby Poo ... it's 2 week old Baby Poo (not 2 days or 1 week but 2 weeks). I'm afraid to ask, if you had an actual reference to that


  2. I vote the first behr color. Grey tints have really grown on me.

  3. Love the Atmosphere Blue... Great job on the shower curtain! You're so talented and creative!

  4. I'm with Rachael, loving the Atmosphere Blue!

  5. I am not a fan of blue, so I am surprised that is my vote. Typically I'd have chosen the second greenish tint. Good luck!

  6. great shower curtain! very frenchy and romantic looking :)

  7. I think atmosphere blue would look divine with you canvas ruffles. A few starfish accents here and there and you have a whole new look.

  8. this inspires me to make ruffled curtains to cover my ugly storage shelves in my basement! I've totally been in love with the fancy (and $$$) ones I've seen, but I like yours even better & I could totally do it! Thanks!

  9. I like how you are dressing your bathroom around your shower curtain... it's kind of like getting this amazing deal on some great shoes... and then having to build the perfect outfit for them!:)

  10. atmosphere blue!! that was MY bathroom color is! come check it out....if you like it, i may be able to dig up the can in my garage. however, if you've seen my garage these last few days, the changes are slim that i'm finding it before christmas. it may just be faster to run to Pottery Barn and get our own samples!!! yup. lets do that. let's go. now. NOW SISTER, NOW!!!

  11. LOL! My sister used to have a car that was the exact color of a nursing baby's poo.

    Your shower curtain is so cool. I like the way it turned out.


  12. i love the atmosphere blue! And your shower curtain is awesome.

  13. beautiful! i did that peasant french country home look too!
    and tutorial is so light and easy, making us believe that anyone can do this...

    ok. you're invited: come link it up with us:
    and you may find some great other ideas there also.

    looking forward to showing off your work to our readers.

    btw not into blue walls. go with a touch of yellow and red into white instead... cream is warm.


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