Friday, November 19, 2010

More Infinity Scarfyness...

I've been CA-RAZY busy whipping some delicious scarves together to get the Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop ready for the holiday season.

Oh, you wanna see some? OK, here you go:

A funky and fun Argyle Flannel infinity scarf:

A sassy Zebra flannel infinity scarf:

For those who don't like a colorful scarf or loud pattern, a SUPER Cozy ivory infinity scarf made of sweatshirt material. This scarf is C.O.Z. Y. I made one just for me!

A chic Brown and Tan Plaid Infinity scarf:

Ahhh, so much fun! Stay tuned, I've got at least six more coming in the very near future.

And because I love my readers so very stinkin much, you'll get a coupon code for a discount on Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

OK, the snow is really coming down here, I think I'll wrap my cozy sweatshirt scarf around my neck and grab a cup of white peppermint hot chocolate to stay warm!


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  1. hi, amanda - I would like the argyle one - and the sweatshirt ivory one... can you call me to arrange me getting them? thanks!
    Chris Kenner

  2. You make me want scarf's. The argyle one is a for sure fav! I will be checking out your etsy shop... Thinking of my sister for the holiday's!


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