Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ethical Parenting with Princess Frostine...

Remember playing the game Candy Land as a kid?

Looked a little like this:

Well, I finally taught Bubbalu how to play a few nights ago.


It was the longest lasting Candy Land game ever recorded on God's green earth.

We went through the HUGE stack of cards (pretty certain Hasbro has added 547 cards to the game's newest edition) twice before I started "helping" him along a bit. I'd already won and was reveling in Princess Frostine's candy castle but in the interest of teaching sportsmanship I decided not to get up and do my "I BEAT you, I am the KING OF ALL!!" shimmy. Didn't think it would set the right example.

Fess us, do you "help" your kiddos along when playing games? How bout so you can WIN???


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  1. Oh my goodness. My husband made a "you win" card so we could not exhausting our lives playing that game . . . My son loved it. We started planting the Princess Frosty Face (Frostine) card near the top, where my little man would get it early on and win . . . after awhile he learned to lose gracefully but man. . . . I totally remember what you describe above.

  2. I definitely stack the deck!! I put the bonus cards in order, and I draw a card carefully so that if I see I am going to get a good one, I'll stealthily take the next one down, letting Emma get the good ones. Saves a LOT of time. Also towards the end, I make sure most of the cards are the double colors to speed it up. I love playing games with the kids, but three hours of Candy Land is a tad too much. ;)

  3. Oh my gosh. Why don't they make these games shorter??? Games with my 3.5 year old should not last longer than 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, he's lost interest, and then yes, I'm absolutely helping myself win if it ends the game quickly. (But I'll help him win, too. Whatever ends the game sooner...)

  4. Ahahahaha! Laughed out loud at this one. Guilty as charged. The most recent guiltiness was in Chutes and Ladders. My sons kept "trying" to land on the chutes, cause they like going down slides and the game JUST. WOULND'T. END.


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