Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I USED To Have A Job...

Back when I used to have a job (that gave me things like checks that I could cash for money and self-confidence that I was an educated and appreciated member of the labor & delivery world) I would work three twelve hour shifts three days in a row. 36 hours.

With a half an hour lunch break (often eaten while staring at fetal monitors) that makes it 12.5 hour shifts so that makes 37.5. Oh wait, don't forget you need to get their early to park, walk in, change into scrubs, report to the floor and be good to go by 7. That makes a respectable 40 hours.

WHY does that matter? It doesn't. I'm just rambling.

I always took a day to "recover" after those tiring three 12 hour shifts in row. After that recovery day I was up and running again, back to normal and ready to attack life.

This December my Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop went bonkers. In a bonkery GOOD way :) Turns out people LIKE infinity scarves, and especially plaid and fleece ones:

Purple Buffalo, Brown Plaid, Red Plaid, Teal Plaid

I must admit, I'm partial to them too. If you were one of the reasons I was busy filling orders, THANK YOU for shopping my Etsy shop.

I had a superdupercrazybusy month. The Etsy wonderfulness, my two beautiful children turned 2 and 4 and also there was this little thing called CHRISTMAS! Think: seven family parties in four days. Yowza.

I'm a bit worn out. However, I've been taking a recovery-month-of-sorts and can sense the normal returning.

I've got a bunch of sewing ideas, decor ideas, furniture makeovers, upholstery redoing (*Ahem* learning) and then normal jib jabbing coming up this year.

Stay tuned my lovely readers!


P.S. For all you delightful lovelies, I have decided to have an indefinitely active Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop coupon code for 15% off all orders. Cause you are delightful. AND lovely. Your 15% off coupon code is: FOLLOWLOVE15 . Happy Shopping!


  1. Those scarves are so so cute! I'm a new Follower to your blog so I've never seen these before. I'm heading over to your Etsy Shop now to see all that you have.

  2. So glad you had a crazy happy Christmas. I've been in a regrouping stage myself. I'm actually staying home full time for the first time, and it's taking some adjustment. Here's to a wonderful 2011!

  3. When I lived in GR I took an upholstery class through continuing ed with a guy named Bob. It was awesome and I learned a ton. You may want to look into it!

  4. Your story about your working days reminded me of mine. I did 12 hour shifts four days on, four days off, four nights on, four days off. It certainly took a full day to recover from the night shifts. The only difference was that my patients were cats and dogs in an emergency and referral centre.

    I have been following your bog for a little while and enjoy reading your posts.

  5. I so enjoy your posts, and can't wait to see what the year 2011 will bring for Vintage Dutch Girl! Glad you could have a bit of a break, even more glad that you had a business boom! Yay for you! :)

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  7. Ahhhh... I miss "recovery" days! I don't miss 12 hour shifts with eating on the fly and peeing only ONCE some shifts.. if I was lucky! But, like you, I do miss feeling like I was a valuable member of the pediatric world!!

    Thankfully God has blessed us both with two beautiful babies.. both born in December... to make us feel.. um... useful (ie CRAZY) trying to make that month enjoyable for our family!!

    Hope you are well... LOVE reading your thoughts. You never cease to make me laugh!

  8. Good plaid options are hard to find around my place. I love the options you have!!!! Nice job.



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